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  1. D

    OCS Acceptance Rate?

    Hello Everyone, Just asking out of curiosity, what is the acceptance rate looking like for OCS? I know each candidate is different and many factors go into being accepted or not. Just asking for some insight into what the chances are of getting in. Thanks DJ
  2. P

    What can I do to boost my resume?

    Hi everybody, I know there’s the “use the google search bar” crowd, but I haven’t really found a clear answer. I’m a junior at LSU. I want to apply to OCS. I have a cumulative 3.1, but that’s coming off of a 1.6 my freshman year (I’ve had a 3.6-3.9 every semester since then), and I’m probably...
  3. E

    Not so good GPA. Do I still have a shot at going in as an officer?

    Hey, My GPA right now in college is not so great. I think it is at a 2.8 or so. Do I have to have a certain GPA before I can even be considered to go in as an officer? Or do you think if I can do well enough on the OAR/ASTB they will overlook my GPA? My other thought was this... If I don't...
  4. ichneumonidae

    OCS The Average OCS Supply Applicant

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is alright to post this. Mods, feel to remove if not. In my spare time I compiled this spreadsheet that outlines all of the application statistics from AirWarriors Supply OCS applicants (both non-prior and active duty) who have posted on the forum since 2014. I hope...
  5. N

    23 OCT 2017 SWO Board

    This thread is for those of us who are applying to the 23 OCT 17 SWO Board. Recommended NRD due date: 22 SEP 17 NRC due date: 25 SEP 17 Board convenes: 23 OCT 17 Good luck to all who are applying.
  6. Khaanh

    GOUGE Big 'ol Gouge Folder

    Hi all, this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3H2TOw-sb8WeVVNZVpHaHZFeU0 leads to a Google Drive folder containing gouge that I've found helpful, if not necessary--the folder will be continuously updated, and the included files are listed below. Please let me know of any outdated...
  7. Yram Y.

    OCS I'm Worried that SNA/pilot is overmanned?

    I'll try to keep it short: I'm a college Junior; Chemistry major, Mathematics minor. I want to go to OCS after I graduate and become a Naval Aviator. I have not spoken to a recruiter, yet. My granddad was a Naval fighter pilot. I'm a NCAA D-2 athlete, athletic awards, scholar awards, >100...
  8. Brock Eppler

    100 Word Essay feedback

    Good morning fellow Marines, I am seeking a no-holds-barred review of my Officer application essay. As stated in my profile, I welcome the tough critiques. When I present this to my OSO, I want the quality and precision that only Marines can deliver. My essay is written as follows: "I want to...
  9. A

    OCS Preparation

    Hey all! I am expecting to ship out to OCS (Navy) within the next few weeks and I want to know what knowledge I need to know prior to getting there. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
  10. NHJK

    NROTC vs. OCS for a low GPA college senior?

    Currently heading into my 1/C year at the only State Maritime Academy that does not have an NROTC Battalion or cross-town option. Having opted out of the SSMP (Formerly "MMR") program due to their shortage of Active Component billets, I will graduate in June 2018 with a B.S. in Marine...
  11. Derringer

    NFO process and qualifications

    Hi everyone, I have read several threads here over the last year or so. I just today set up an account to ask for some input from you all. It would be really great to hear from those with particularly recent experience with becoming a USMC NFO. Of course, any advice and info would help...
  12. ichneumonidae

    21 Aug 17 Supply Board

    Hello all- I am applying here as my number 1 and so figured I would create a thread for this board for all of us that are applying. Good luck to everyone!! :)
  13. Ligerfoxzoid

    OCS Reconsideration timeframe

    How long do i have from my not selected result to submit a reconsideration package?
  14. C

    Seeking Intel Officer for interview

    Working on my OCS application and my recruiter is having a hard time finding an Intel officer to conduct my interview. He suggested I try this forum to try and reach out. I live in Northwest, GA about an hour and a half from Atlanta but travel is not a problem. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  15. BlackManta

    OCS Chances for INTEL/SWO/SNA/SNFO with Past History

    Hello. I'm exploring options in other military branches as an Officer, and had a specific question regarding the Navy. I unfortunately was dropped from Coast Guard OCS due to failure to complete the initial swim assessment. I had tried to up my proficiency prior to heading off to the Academy...
  16. xcinman

    OCS What can I do to better set myself up for the application process?

    What can I do to personally set myself up for a better chance to gain acceptance into OCS based on what I have done with myself thus far in my life. My interest is in Aviation, or potentially Intel. I am not dead set on a branch, so any advice there would be nice! While I know that there are...
  17. Wiz


    HI, I am in a process of applying for the OCS, My recruiter told me to take the OAR with a minimum score of 50, however in other websites the basic qualifying score is 35 and 48 being competitive. I have been studying for the test, but don't have correct info about length, time limits, scoring...
  18. K

    Withdrew OCS nomination

    Last year I was accepted to OCS as a SNA and given a start date. This came after lengthy waiver processes for my eyes and depth perception (after failing at MEPS). Flying was my dream, so I went to a handful of doctors to get their opinions on my eyes and almost all of them said I wouldn't have...
  19. Law_Student_Yawning

    OAR/ASTB for OCS

    So, I'm taking the OAR/ASTB exams in less than two weeks. Is that enough time to prepare? Let me give you a little bit of background. I'm 25. I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a 3.45 GPA. I am in my last year of law school, and I do plan on getting barred. I've...
  20. J

    SNA Vision Requirements

    So I've recently been accepted to OCS under the designation of SNA, and I just wanted to clear something up real quick. I'm aware that for applicants you need 20/40 uncorrected and correctable to 20/20. However my vision is 20/100 uncorrected, and 20/20 corrected. (All numbers based off page 4...
  21. Ventus

    More Delays - Story time, board frustration.

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, It's been awhile since I've posted here. Unfortunately I'm still chasing that flight spot, but I've come a long way. Some background: Was in AFROTC in college. The year I was supposed to go to Field Training, my Det said they were only sending Language and...
  22. Eonami

    OCS PCS Family from Hawaii before/after OCS

    Hi all, I am active duty currently stationed with my family in Hawaii. I just got my prorec-Y for Intel off of the December IWC board, and ineed some advice on how to handle the upcoming PCS. I understand that OCS itself is a TAD and the NIOBC school in VA Beach is a 5-month PCS. We have a...
  23. Justin Dowd

    23 JAN 17 Pilot/NFO Board

    Hey Guys! Well the time has come. I have been on here for 2 years and now I finally get to apply for OCS. This board is the one I am going to apply for and if I cannot make it then I am going for the April board. My degree doesn't confer until Dec 31st. I was hoping to get to know some people...
  24. Justin Dowd

    10 March 2017 Pilot/NFO Board

    Hey Guys! Well the time has come. I have been on here for 2 years and now I finally get to apply for OCS. The 10 March 2017 board is the one I am going to apply for and was hoping to get to know some people that are applying for this board. I applied for STA- 21 in 2015 and I am sure I have met...
  25. W

    Information About Selection

    I've been getting a lot of mixed feed back about timelines for selection notification for fleet applicants; some say two weeks, others have said up to three months from the convening date of the board. My board convened Nov 7th (Supply Corps) and it's been more than two weeks with no...
  26. C

    Recruiter said only 3 month wait after LASIK?

    Hey all, So I just took the ASTB today and am scheduled to get LASIK next Friday, and when speaking with my officer recruiter he said that there is now just a 3 month wait after getting LASIK to go through MEPS / apply to OCS so long as you have reports from your surgeon every 30 days, and said...
  27. onlycraigdarlin

    Dental work prior to OCS?

    After searching for the topic I couldn't find a suitable past thread. My question is just a general one for OCS. Im heading to OCS in 4 weeks and I have a filling that is cracking. I'm in no pain or discomfort but I'm wondering if I should have this, or any other potential dental problems...
  28. RewMont

    08 Jan 2017 OCS Class

    Hi everyone. I received my FSL a couple of days ago for class up on 08 January. I created this thread to find others who will be in that class. I look forward to hearing from you.
  29. NavyLife1989

    Sending phone cards in the mail

    Hey guys, I posted this yesterday in the main forum and I'm beginning to think I should've posted it on here since I have not gotten any replies from the main forum. Here is my question and what I posted yesterday: Hey all- I am a new member to Air Warriors, but I have been following some...
  30. CK#4

    24 Oct SWO Board

    NRD-LA Processor informed me of a 24 Oct SWO Board. Since the page only posted for August, which isnt open to everyone, and December, which is very far away, here you go!
  31. Intel101

    OCS Additonal documents after application submission.

    Does NRC allow additional LORS/awards to be sent after you already submitted application prior to board commencing?
  32. F

    Waiver for Mild Pulmonary Stenosis

    Hi there, I'm new to this board and am currently in the process of applying to OCS (SNA or SNFO). I have been told I have competitive stats for the flight program. I'm expecting to graduate from a top 5 US University next year with a 3.7 GPA and degrees in mathematics (special honors) and...
  33. FirstGenNavy

    Recruiters: Question about DOR

    I have a question for former and current Navy officer recruiters. My dream has always been to serve in the Navy. I was recently offered a commission as an intelligence officer, however, three weeks into Officer Candidate School, I dropped on request. Without going into much detail, my...
  34. Robert Washington


    Hello all! I'm taking the OAR in a few weeks and was hoping to find some gouge to study from or does anyone know any hard copy books that I can buy to help me out. Thanks! V/r, Robert Washington
  35. Future Pilot619

    Interested in Navy OCS

    Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well! I am currently in High school(my Junior year just ended today!) and I am highly interested in becoming an officer in the Navy. A little bit of background about myself: I am a Navy brat, my mother served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for 24...
  36. Future Pilot619

    Interested In Becoming a pilot for the USMC through NROTC

    Hello all! I just made an account on this awesome site and had some very important questions to ask. I am currently a Junior in high school(about to be a senior) and I have been thinking about joining the military, I am a Navy brat who's interested in flying for the military. I have decided to...
  37. E

    OCS Preparing for OCS in college

    I'm a sophomore in college and plan on applying for Navy OCS upon graduation. Working towards receiving an SNA contract but want to join the Navy regardless. Haven't been able to find exact information on this for more recent years. -From my understanding, BDCP is out of commission. Is this...
  38. Paul Kellerman

    USN My chance under my special situation

    Dear fellows, I have a question regarding my Intel and OCS chances: I got my ASTB 64, 7, 6, 8. I was already disqualified for flying because my eyes -8 refractive and astigmatism. But the thing I'm really worrying about is my SF86. I was born and raised in Beijing, mandarin was my 1st language...
  39. FemaleNFO

    Minimum vision requirements - HELP

    Hi all, This is my first post to AW, so I apologize if this question has been previously answered. I want to become a officer in the US Navy, NFO specifically. From what I've read on here and various other platforms, in order to qualify for naval service your vision must be correctable to...
  40. Chop07

    OCS 13 Jun 2016 IWC Board

    For this board, the NRD-deadline for all programs is 6 May 2016. Hard deadline to NRC is 13 May 2016. Board convenes on 13 Jun 2016. This board will begin selections for Fiscal Year 2017. Results from the 7 Mar 2016 are as follows and were released on 21 Mar 2016. This board completed...
  41. Chop07

    GOUGE OCS Survivor's Guide (updated Jan. 2016)

    While the OCS website is an excellent source of information, read and heed what is in here. It has been written and updated by recent OCS graduates.
  42. zack13usa

    OCS Poll- March '16 IDC Board Applicants

    Hi all, Now that we're almost a week away, here's an extended version for the upcoming IDC board thread ( posted for 03/07/2016 date) Which designators are you applying for? and what is your background?
  43. BPeterson93

    Average amount of leave granted after graduation

    Is there a set amount of leave granted to OCS graduates, does it change depending on designator, or does it just change based on individuals? Wanted to try and plan for after graduation a timeline for seeing family and such.
  44. Prima TRT

    OCS/ JAG Questions

    Hi I'm Rebecca 33 year old, this is my first post. It has been my dream since I was 7 to be a commissioned officer in Navy. So far I have talked to an Army OR he states I have a very good chance of getting into OCS. I'm looking to apply AF,Navy and Army. I have BS in Business Management/...
  45. E

    Significant other nominated for leadership position, with cell phone access in first week at OCS.

    My significant other left for OCs a couple weeks ago. They texted me briefly that they was nominated for a leadership position from by her peers, and in doing so recieved her phone back. Is this common? How exactly does this happen? Will it stay like this for the whole duration of OCS? How will...
  46. I

    Does Masters matter or not?

    Is a masters in cyber security relevant to trying to commission into the navy or navy reserve? I have a bachelors in biology with a minor in computer information systems but my GPA does not stack up too well I believe, as it is low. I plan on starting this program in the summer and want to see...
  47. First Sergeant

    AOCS Book Written - The Pressure Cooker: Forging Naval Officers Through Marine Leadership

    After 4 yrs. of effort a book of Drill Instructor stories has been written and published. 540 pages of Marine Drill Instructors training future Naval Officers at Pensacola from 1947 - 1994. 240 stories in all written by the Naval Officers who endured the pressure of Marine Corps drill...
  48. MM1 SS/DV

    OCS 17 April 2016

    Congratulations to everyone who has received a Final Select letter for the April 17th OCS class. I did not see a thread already listed, so I hope this is sufficient.
  49. E

    Stupid mistake - Will it deeply affect my chance of getting into the Navy?

    Hi! I am a college student and two years ago I made the dumbest mistake I could have ever done. I got charged for petty theft. I did get a diversion and never did anything like that ever since. Now I am completing my NASIS and see that it is asking if I had ever been fired from a job before...
  50. Hammer10k

    Strategies for Stashing

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I'm slated to start OCS on March 27 for SNA. I am also a 3L in law school with a semester remaining before graduation. After OCS's target graduation date in June, the plan is to return to Atlanta (my hometown) and stash at the NRD office while I complete my last...