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OCS Class Date while still in college


New Member
I was just wondering would have a timeline as to how long it would take you to get an OCS Class Date while you're still in college? I am graduating in May, and if I get picked up right around January/February, would it be possible for me to head to OCS a couple weeks after graduation, or am I being way too optimistic? I know these cases vary from person to person, but any sort of insight would really help me get a gage on how long I should expect to wait.


New Member
You will not receive your OCS class date until after you graduate from college. I graduated in May of this year and did not find out my class date until the beginning of September. Obviously, in my case, covid has played a big part in delaying placement into OCS classes. I was told under normal circumstances you will know within 1-2 months. I hope that helps!