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  1. Zequa

    Not Selected, Seeking Insight.

    The Selection board happened for OCS 238 and I wasn't selected for aviation, due to "decreasing aviation slots". Not here to waste your time, because there are many other posts on here from people from similar situations. Just seeking advice for what to improve on in hopes of getting selected on...
  2. A

    13 Sep 21 Supply Corps Board

    Starting a thread for the upcoming 13 Sep 21 Supply Corps Board. Application deadline of August 6th. Feel free to interact and help each other out. -OCS Hopeful
  3. A

    OCS submission question

    This may be a dumb question, I’m currently active duty and my package is ready to submit, the 1420 says to send packages to officerapplications@navy.mil, but the PA says if you have a waiver to send it to CNRC PRB, but there is no address. My friend who recently commissioned remembers having to...
  4. T

    USN Army Officer Transition to SNA

    Hi all, I’m in need of some help. I’m currently an Army Officer (O2) and my time in the army ends next year by which time I’ll be an O3. I have a very strong desire to fly for the Navy but I am uncertain how that would look. I’ve passed all the initial screening for the Army as my dream was to...
  5. J

    Order of OCS Packet Application

    Hello all, A short brief of my current situation: I am currently active duty and stationed on a carrier that is about to deploy. I had my ASTB test scheduled before the deployment but unfortunately the deployment has moved up and I will not be able to take the ASTB before we go. I was hoping...
  6. G

    CEC Application Process

    I just recieved the news my waiver was accepted and I am medically approved. I am currently waiting for next steps for submitting a package to the CEC board. Does anyone has anyone gone through this process and can outline it or would be able to tell me if I need to prepare a resume or collect...
  7. V

    N3M Waivers

    Hi all, I'm currently working on my package for OCS, going for SWO and Intel, so far everything is all good with my OAR scores, etc. I went to MEPS yesterday and had no problems at all but found out while I was there that I was disqualified because of several diagnoses that the initial doctor...
  8. C

    16AUG2021 SWO Board

    May be jumping the gun on this thread. But it doesn't look like there is one. Please post stats and questions. Good luck everyone!
  9. D

    Does anyone know the Active Duty Requirement of a Navy IP Officer (1820)?

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted into OCS and though I had applied for Naval Intelligence, I was ultimately selected to be a Navy IP Officer. Since learning this, I have been reading up on everything I can to best prepare myself. My main question is, do Navy IP Officers have the option to...
  10. S

    BUD/s Drop seeking information on going to OCS

    Hello all, I enlisted in the Navy last year with the hopes of becoming a SEAL. Long story short, it did not work out the way I intended. Now I am on to my next goal; OCS. I seek to earn a commission in Intelligence. With that being said, I have a few questions. I have purchased an OAR study...
  11. cgross220

    Aced the ASTB, what next?

    Hey everyone, First off I wanted to say thanks to everyone who's posted and commented on here. As someone that's wanted to become a fighter pilot all my life, I've looked over this site for years and taken in invaluable information that has undoubtedly aided in my process this far and I'm sure...
  12. W


    As a current college student I want to go through OCS and get out in 4 or 5 years. Is there a large market for good paying civilian jobs if I do SWO? I want to get into psychology or business later on in my life , what communities or jobs would be good to do in the navy?
  13. WannaFlyHigh

    Should I get LASIK before OCS?

    Background: So I used to search function to find a similar instance of what I am going thru and could not find any useful info. So I am applying to SNA and already took the ASTB. Last year I had a vision test done and was told I had a slight near sightedness in my eyes. I have glasses for 20/35...
  14. Saukko

    OCS 26Sep21 Navy OCS Class Thread

    Hello Everyone! I go by Saukko on here but I am a soon to be graduate of College with a B.S. in Psychology! Applied to the November board date for Aviation, and have been communicating with the other applicants for a while through that forum. Just recently received my FinSel for SNA, and my...
  15. Pandabearchan

    Strange position where I could really use advice

    Greetings Everyone, Some quick info on myself: Age: 29 Rank: E-6 TIS: 7 years 7months I will be transferring from my command in February. I can not submit any OCS applications until I have my degree. Unfortunately it has taken me this long but I will be graduating in March with a...
  16. H

    Enlisted to OCS with a Foreign Degree

    Hello, I am wanting to submit an OCS package with a Bachelors Degree from a foreign country. I already have my degree evaluated by an institution accredited by the Navy and this has allowed me to start working on my Master’s. I am having a hard time trying to find a clear instruction on what to...
  17. Y

    28 MARCH 2021 OCS Class

    Hey everyone! I saw that there was no thread created for this OCS date so I started a thread. I will also create an FB group and post a link here.
  18. C

    Jan 2021 CEC Board

    Anyone else applying to the CEC board (active duty/non-collegiate) in Jan 2021? I just wanted to start this thread to compare stats and to share updates. Major: Structural Engineering GPA: 3.2 FE/EIT: Pending (confident I will pass) Experience: Internships, currently work for the navy as a...
  19. NavyIT101

    07 MAR OCS 2021

    Starting the thread for this class date. The class is currently about 50% full as of today.
  20. D

    IWC Board MARCH-01-21

    What's up everybody. Just thought I'd create this thread to see if anybody else was trying for the IWC Board that convenes on March 1st, 2021. I take my OAR on December 2nd so hoping to get my package complete in time for it. I graduate in December with a BS in Information Sciences and...
  21. D

    Selection Boards For This Upcoming Fiscal Year

    What's up everybody, this is my first post. My name is Dave. I'm from Philly and I'm about to graduate with a BS in Information Systems from Penn State. I've seen lot of great information on here and a ton of helpful resources and answered questions about all kinds of things. My recruiter sent...
  22. N

    IWC Board Nov 20

    Good morning all! Wanted to start a thread for those waiting for this board. Interesting times here, but I have a reconsideration package in for this one and was wondering who else was out there. I'll post my stats later as its early and I'm on my phone. Thanks all and best of luck to everyone!
  23. T

    14 FEB 2021 OCS

    I thought I would make this thread since there is not one already. This is the date I just received from my recruiter. Hope to hear from someone soon!
  24. E

    OCS Class Date while still in college

    I was just wondering would have a timeline as to how long it would take you to get an OCS Class Date while you're still in college? I am graduating in May, and if I get picked up right around January/February, would it be possible for me to head to OCS a couple weeks after graduation, or am I...
  25. Aj4life77

    Surface Warfare Officer Interviews

    I am in the process of putting together an OCS Package. I am currently enlisted as an LS 7 1/2 years in. I am at a medical command and there are no Surface Warfare Officers to conduct one of my interviews. If there is anyone who knows a SWO or is a SWO could you assist me in completing this...
  26. Cutlass

    FY21/FY22 SWO PROBOARD (12 MAR 2021)

    Greetings! Starting this up to see if anyone else here will be submitting for this board.
  27. S

    OCS IP motivational statement in need of feedback *do not hesitate and include harsh criticism*

    It is the American dream I strive to protect even if it means death. As a leader, it is only natural to pursue something greater, and to achieve strength that will make our nation more powerful. To be amongst leaders that are part of the most elite forces in the world, which is the United States...
  28. E

    Supply Board 07 September 2020

    Hello All, Thought I would start a thread for this most recent supply board - I hope I'm doing this right. The last board took almost 8 weeks to get results, hopefully we will hear sooner than that! Does anyone know if the board met this past week? Best of luck everyone!
  29. E

    Getting dropped from OCS

    I don't wanna be that negative guy, but if you were to get dropped from OCS due to not meeting standards or something of that nature, do you have the option to enlist at that point?
  30. M

    Officer interviews for ocs

    Hey everyone. I'm about to start getting my package together for intel o and had some questions. I'm prior enlisted and have put in a package in 2017, for NFO and didnt get selected. I aged out of NFO and am now trying for Intel O and Crypto. My question is, can I reuse my interviews even though...
  31. S

    Sports Asthma

    Hi, I am starting the process for NAVY OCS and was diagnosed with Sports endused asthma years ago. I havent used my inhailer in years and was a college athlete, is this going to be a problem for me. Is there a waiver I'm going to have to get?
  32. R

    ASTB-E Scores SNA

    Just retook the ASTB-E and here are the results: Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR): 52 Academic Qualification Rating (AQR): 7 Pilot Flight Officer Rating (PFAR): 8 Naval Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (FOFAR): 7 Are these scores competitive for SNA? I'm looking at applying for the first...
  33. B

    USN Are younger applicants preferred over older ones when becoming a naval aviator?

    As I'm probably not gonna get my US citizenship any time soon.
  34. E

    IWC Board Canceled, but package was already recieved.

    I applied for the September IWC board, my package was received and I was "medically cleared" to participate in the board. The board however, was subsequently cancelled and pushed to the already scheduled date of 04DEC2019 with a package due date of 18OCT2019. By that time I will have a new EVAL...
  35. E

    Application did not get a "read receipt"

    I'm an active duty E6 applying to OCS for 1810 and 1830. I completed my package and sent the PDF to officerapplications@navy.mil. In the FAQ on the Navy's OCS page it says if you do not receive a "confirmation of receipt" to send the email again and also email ocsquestions@navy.mil. I did, and...
  36. T

    OCS A Question about Pay and My Situation (NFO Related)

    Hey guys I've been a lurker for quite some time but today I figured I would finally post something myself. I'll start this post by saying I'm going to be frank about a lot of numbers. This is going to be a relatively lengthy post where I explain pretty much everything about my situation and ask...
  37. A

    OCS Active Duty Enlisted to Commissioning

    Just got a really weird off the wall question. Is there a statistic selection rate for prior service? Like I know that 31 out of 72 got selected for supply during the February board, but out of that how many prior applied and got picked up. Just curious.
  38. AC_Florida

    Commissioning Programs/Jobs/Requirements (Important Information)

    Hello All, I am in the process of applying to OCS and came across a great resource page. This link will allow you to see the different communities and requirements for each Officer Program. I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me...
  39. O

    August 18, 2019 OCS Class

    Good morning! Just figured I’d go ahead and start this thread for the August 18th class as I haven’t seen one made yet. I was selected for SWO. Let’s crush these next 3 months so we can kick ass at OCS! Congratulations to everyone!
  40. AwsumAwstun

    Waiver for vision?

    Hey guys. Long time reader, first post. I am completely done with my packet for SWO (56 OAR, 3.35 GPA, Marketing degree, 5+years in management). I'm only waiting for a consultation regarding my eyesight. In 2011 I attempted to enlist and was told by my recruiter, "They're not letting you in...
  41. SickEmergency

    Forced To Choose Early

    I’m assuming someone else out there has had this happen to them or knows what to do in my situation. My second choice SWO approved me and gave me a leave date for April 14th. My first choice INTEL won’t be posting results until the end of April. Obviously there’s a timing issues here. Do I...
  42. CK#4

    PAO Questions

    Current PAO here. I commissioned as a PAO through OCS from the civilian world. I deploy quite often, but if you have questions or need help, let me know. 2018 board was cancelled. However, the community is slated to grow over the next 3 years and may be holding a board this year and future years
  43. StewburnerCS1

    Enlisted "Whole Sailor" OCS/LDO advice

    Hello all, First time posting here, and with the "whole sailor/person" concept of evaluating potential I apologize if I include info here which is not pertinent to Commissioning Programs that's in part what i'm trying to decipher. I am a 28 yr old CS1(SW) I have been in the Navy...
  44. P

    Navy Pilot Selection Question

    Hello Air Warriors! I am currently a junior at a liberal arts college (political science major) and I am interested in joining the Navy after college to become a fighter pilot; however, I have several questions regarding the selection process. I am still learning about the process so please...
  45. Aceleo

    USN Age problem with flight school

    Hi all, Due to some issues with depth perception and getting a LASIK afterward (6-month wait), my application for SNA was delayed about 2 years. But now I am almost ready. Soon I will be submitting my OCS packet for April 2nd board. I am only applying for SNA(Pilot). My scores are 55/7/7/6...
  46. Joe099

    OCS Application Issues. Insight Welcome!

    Hello, I started my OCS adventure August 2016. I knew I was interested in the Navy officer program but I was 250lbs so I took a year to get healthy. August 2017, I took the OAR with a 56 on the first try so the recruiter told me not to retake it. (I forgot a good deal of my math education and...
  47. E

    Concerned About GPA Hinderance

    Hello all, I'm currently a student of Mechanical Engineering with aspirations of becoming a Naval Aviator once college is over. I'm seeking to compete for a Navy OCS flight contract, but there's a problem. I got back my midterm grades from my first semester at my four-year university, and they...
  48. Z

    OCS Navy Intel Chances

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what are my chances of being picked up for Intel. My stats are as follows: 24 year old male 3.66 GPA for bachelors degree (UVA & a CC) Major: Government 52 OAR score LOR: 1) A U.S. Congressman 2) My former boss Leadership experience: Was promoted to deputy...
  49. R

    OCC 230

    Looks like a lot of people are hearing back from their OSO's on their selection from the board. Still waiting to hear from mine myself. Who got selected/who didn't and post your stats.
  50. socalsomeday

    SWO Board FEB19

    Hello all! I am starting a thread for those who are applying to the 11FEB19 SWO board because I did not find one already made. Please be sure to add yourself to the googledoc below so we can track who is selected. Good luck everyone...