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  1. E

    Stupid mistake - Will it deeply affect my chance of getting into the Navy?

    Hi! I am a college student and two years ago I made the dumbest mistake I could have ever done. I got charged for petty theft. I did get a diversion and never did anything like that ever since. Now I am completing my NASIS and see that it is asking if I had ever been fired from a job before...
  2. Hammer10k

    Strategies for Stashing

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I'm slated to start OCS on March 27 for SNA. I am also a 3L in law school with a semester remaining before graduation. After OCS's target graduation date in June, the plan is to return to Atlanta (my hometown) and stash at the NRD office while I complete my last...
  3. Knightsnation

    27 March 2016

    FINSEL letter for this class. Can't wait! Hopefully we miss most of the cold weather!
  4. C

    OCS Application Timeline

    Hi everyone, I just had a quick question as to what an average "timeline/step-by-step" would look like, from the very beginning to when you actually go to OCS. I've met with a recruiter, and they asked me basic questions about what I'd be interested in doing, and why I'm joining etc. I then...
  5. zack13usa

    OCS March '16 IDC Board

    Hi all, I'm creating this thread for those who applied or planning to apply for March 7 IDC board. I missed the previous Dec' 15 board due to missing transcript Feel free to check in here
  6. Toastrules

    Going for Information Warfare. Have an idea of how to do it, am I correct?

    Hello all! New to the forum, got my account approved and I want to start asking questions ASAP because I'm graduating in about 2 weeks. I was finally able to contact a recruiter the other week and get him to get my phone number down and send me some paperwork. I told him what my objective was...
  7. cottrouble

    OCS A whole lot of questions about OCS from a non-prior

    Quickly, here’s my background: Political science undergraduate (BS) from a well-known state school (think UCLA, Ohio State), worked my way through school, 3.1 GPA Went to work for Fortune 500 company, ranked 9th most promising co. in America by Forbes. Started as a consultant, moved up into two...
  8. Jenlm

    14 FEB 2016

    Got the official word that I'll be heading to OCS Feb 14th! Can't wait to meet any of you that are also getting this news :)
  9. BPeterson93

    Student Loans and OCS?

    I was curious to see for any of the members here who had recently graduated college and then attended OCS. How did y'all handle student loans while at OCS? Did you defer payments while not having access to computers or set up family to be able to pay out of your account? Just wanted to gauge...
  10. Hammer10k

    Law School or OCS?

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I'm in an interesting position.. I'm currently in law school with a semester left for graduation. I'm the Student Body President. I've been offered an OCS slot for Aviation but have to leave in a month due to age limits (getting close to 27). Being a Naval...
  11. Skywalker

    OCS Weird Past

    I'm a junior in college, just entering dialogue with the local NOR about acquiring an aviation contract. However, of the litany of reasons this is my path to commissioning as opposed to NROTC or the USNA is that I fell into the totally wrong crowd towards the end of high school. But despite...
  12. zack13usa

    OCS DLPT Scores for Intel and IW

    Going through the official NavyCS website, Intel applicant language skills should be quantified by a minimum Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) score of 2/2/2 Read more at: https://www.navycs.com/officer/intelligenceofficer.html OPIs, Observations/ Questions: If DLPT scores boosts...
  13. JohnH

    OCS Personal motivation statement. Please rip apart.

    I am posting my personal Motivational Statement for my OCS packet here. I am applying to both Intel and IW. I have a few English majors shredding it for grammar. I would really appreciate help with Content. Please be ruthless but tactful. My questions are did I over emphasize my intel...
  14. C

    USN 2016 SWO OCS Selection Panels

    Does anyone know when the SWO OCS selection panels will be convening 2016?
  15. enlUSMC

    OCS OCS NEX Photo Studio: You've Been Warned

    Just a friendly head's up--OCS is expensive enough and the NEX photo studio will take you for all you're worth (my class spent about $200/person). Sometimes spending a lot of pictures is OK, however, be warned that at OCS the NEX photo studio produces a very low quality product. My DVD is...