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  1. B

    Paths to aviation officer as current serving Army officer?

    Currently serving Army EOD officer here and I'm wondering what a possible path to being a pilot could be. I'm starting my fourth year and while I love EOD it is a bit of a dead end as the only real commands left would be an EOD company. I love EOD and wouldn't trade my time for anything but I...
  2. S

    Finance Degree w/ Pilot Dreams

    Hi all, I went to college and graduated with a 4.0 in Finance. I work in the Finance world but it's not what I thought it would be. I've always wanted to fly in the Navy and while I'm young the idea seems still very feasible. My first question is, does not having a STEM Degree set me back in...
  3. L

    Other Officer/Navy Opportunites

    Hello! I am needing some advice on what possible steps I can take towards achieving a career in international relations/foreign affairs. I am new to the Navy (have only been in for a little over a year) and I completed my Bachelors degree in Political Science this year. After completing it, I...
  4. T

    USN Army Officer Transition to SNA

    Hi all, I’m in need of some help. I’m currently an Army Officer (O2) and my time in the army ends next year by which time I’ll be an O3. I have a very strong desire to fly for the Navy but I am uncertain how that would look. I’ve passed all the initial screening for the Army as my dream was to...
  5. W

    Anyone here interviewed for CWE? Tips?

    Greetings! I am graduating with a computer science degree from an approved school (NSA CAE). GPA is a 3.5. I currently a reservist in a different branch. I am retaking the OAR to get at least a 50 since I didn't study the first time and only got 45. Does anyone have any experience with the...
  6. WorldWar33.3

    SWO Youtubers

    Hey AirWarriors and SWOrriors Do any of you know of any Youtube vloggers who make videos about their day-to-day or past experiences as a SWO? C.W. Lemoine and Hasard Lee make educational videos about the daily life of fighter pilots. Nicky MGTV and JTSuits make educational videos about the...
  7. W


    As a current college student I want to go through OCS and get out in 4 or 5 years. Is there a large market for good paying civilian jobs if I do SWO? I want to get into psychology or business later on in my life , what communities or jobs would be good to do in the navy?
  8. Saukko

    OCS 26Sep21 Navy OCS Class Thread

    Hello Everyone! I go by Saukko on here but I am a soon to be graduate of College with a B.S. in Psychology! Applied to the November board date for Aviation, and have been communicating with the other applicants for a while through that forum. Just recently received my FinSel for SNA, and my...
  9. NavyIT101

    07 MAR OCS 2021

    Starting the thread for this class date. The class is currently about 50% full as of today.
  10. T

    14 FEB 2021 OCS

    I thought I would make this thread since there is not one already. This is the date I just received from my recruiter. Hope to hear from someone soon!
  11. Aj4life77

    Surface Warfare Officer Interviews

    I am in the process of putting together an OCS Package. I am currently enlisted as an LS 7 1/2 years in. I am at a medical command and there are no Surface Warfare Officers to conduct one of my interviews. If there is anyone who knows a SWO or is a SWO could you assist me in completing this...
  12. Reg-A-Muffin0716

    Navy VS Air Force Helicopter Pilot

    Everyone, I fully understand that there might be threads about this C&C already. I’m just asking this out of curiosity. To any Helo drivers out there, can any of you please chime in and shed some light on differences (that is, apart from the already obvious, and barring Army and Marine types)?
  13. B

    How likely is one to get a waiver when when one is too old?

    Hello, I want to become a Navy (or AF) fighter pilot and since I don't have a U.S. citizenship (yet) I am worried that I won't have all requirements, or more specifically I won't be an officer before I turn 28 (or 29), and thus not be able to become an aviator in whatever branch I end up going...
  14. CeeJayPA

    OCS Tattoo Screening Form Specifics

    Hello all, I searched pretty well before posting this, so hopefully no bad blood here, just hoping this can clarify policy for many more than me once answered. I am near completion of my OCS package and working on rounding up my last appraisals. I have to complete the tattoo appraisal form...
  15. E

    Application did not get a "read receipt"

    I'm an active duty E6 applying to OCS for 1810 and 1830. I completed my package and sent the PDF to officerapplications@navy.mil. In the FAQ on the Navy's OCS page it says if you do not receive a "confirmation of receipt" to send the email again and also email ocsquestions@navy.mil. I did, and...
  16. ajpurvis

    Flight Hours

    I've spent the past few hours scouring this form so I wouldn't have to make a post of my own. Unfortunately my searching yielded almost no results. Simply put, I want to fly. Which aircraft typically gets the most flight hours in the Navy? My dream plane is the F18, but I can't find a straight...
  17. Aceleo

    Navy Pilots max age limit increased to 32?

    My recruiter just called me yesterday telling me that the max age limit for Navy pilots got increased from 26 to 32. I was on the verge of getting too old to apply as a pilot but this comes as good news for me. I have been scouring the internet to find an official statement on this but couldn't...
  18. kashniz

    OAR- study tips

    Hello, I am on my last semester at university. I want to be an officer in the navy, so I will be taking the OAR in about a month. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to study? I am a social work a major so I have not taken a math course in about 3 years.
  19. ONS2017

    What rates does my degree gel with?

    I’m graduating with my bachelors in Community Development with a focus in Health Sciences. Think—logistics of healthcare but measuring its effect on the community. A few examples of courses I took are: Death and Dying, Racial Injustice, Community Health, Public Affairs WI. I was looking at HR...
  20. E

    Concerned About GPA Hinderance

    Hello all, I'm currently a student of Mechanical Engineering with aspirations of becoming a Naval Aviator once college is over. I'm seeking to compete for a Navy OCS flight contract, but there's a problem. I got back my midterm grades from my first semester at my four-year university, and they...
  21. Z

    OCS Navy Intel Chances

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what are my chances of being picked up for Intel. My stats are as follows: 24 year old male 3.66 GPA for bachelors degree (UVA & a CC) Major: Government 52 OAR score LOR: 1) A U.S. Congressman 2) My former boss Leadership experience: Was promoted to deputy...
  22. musclesloading

    STA-21 IP Program

    Hello everyone! I am 31, have been in the Navy for almost 13 years, E-5, and am finally fully convinced to apply for an Officer Program. I am currently researching and preparing my package for the STA-21 IP/Core Program options. I am looking for insight on those specific designations. Anyone...
  23. M

    Pilot/NFO Board FY 19- Oct. 2, 2018

    Hello all, I am starting this thread for the Pilot/NFO board that will be taking place Oct. 2, 2018. This will be the first board for FY-19. I will post my stats below and welcome others to do the same, maybe we can get someone to start an excel sheet. Anyways, feel free to post questions...
  24. derek.bane

    Podcasts or Audiobooks for OCS

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on podcasts or audiobooks that are strictly educational and aimed towards completing OCS and also the Naval Pilot Program. I saw there were a lot of suggestions about overall improvement (money plant, art of manliness, joe rogan experience, how I...
  25. S

    OCS Advice and Expectation

    I plan on applying for NFO position and have the following pros and cons Pros: Significant Extra-curriculars in academic programs, non-profits and Community Service projects. Strong work experience on resume at a Law Firm and local college as a Speech and Debate Coach. Athletic and exercise...
  26. derek.bane

    ASTB Exam Help - PLEASE

    Is anyone willing to share or sell their study materials if they have already passed their ASTB/OAR exams? I just quit my job and I am starting the whole process to become a US Naval Pilot. I sincerely mean it when I say that any help is appreciated. We could all work wonderfully together as a...
  27. B

    Uncorrected eyesight is too bad, could I get PRK before?

    Hello all, I am currently 18 and about to graduate high school. For the past couple years I have been working towards my dream, becoming an aviator in the military. Recently, I got an eye prescription and calculated my eyesight. I believe I have 20/40 in one eye and 20/80 in the other eye. I...
  28. G

    Possible to start NROTC at my college

    Hello! My college only offers Army and Air Force ROTC at my college, Texas Christian University. I intend to do OCS after college but if NROTC was an option here I would jump right on it. I do not want to do ROTC for another branch and try to transfer to the Navy at the time of graduation...
  29. Gerardo Charles

    Uncorrected Vision Influence on Specialization

    So my vision is 20/25 and correctable to 20/20. I already got a pilot slot and I know that I am physically qualified to pilot anything in the Navy, but my question is this: will my vision ever play factor during the selection process after basic training? I just have a hard time believing they...
  30. T

    Where to find IWC selection board info/statistics?

    I would like to find the info on professional recommendations to OCS. The facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Pers472/) seems to only have the info for March 2016 and December 2015. But I've seen people referencing more up to date stuff. Where can I find this info.
  31. G

    Which branch/airframe flies the most?

    I was wondering what branch of the military flies the most, that is hours per year? Would bumming in the air national guard get you more flight time in a year than active duty if you played your cards right? Also what airframe flies the most hours per year (i.e. Helicopters, fighters, cargo...
  32. 2

    Prior service Claims Questions

    I'm creating a new thread because the stickied threads don't seem to be getting a lot of recent traffic. Also I have scoured the forum for the answer to my question with no luck. I spent 6 years on AD in the Navy with an honorable discharge blah blah. Claimed several items on my VA disability...
  33. E

    Not so good GPA. Do I still have a shot at going in as an officer?

    Hey, My GPA right now in college is not so great. I think it is at a 2.8 or so. Do I have to have a certain GPA before I can even be considered to go in as an officer? Or do you think if I can do well enough on the OAR/ASTB they will overlook my GPA? My other thought was this... If I don't...
  34. A

    OCS Preparation

    Hey all! I am expecting to ship out to OCS (Navy) within the next few weeks and I want to know what knowledge I need to know prior to getting there. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
  35. Syed Zaheer Hasan Rizvi

    Question about going to Air Force or Navy?

    I graduated from college last year and I started the my application for Navy OCS in the beginning of my senior year. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do as initially I applied for aviation but didn't do good on the ATSB and changed my mind to Intel. So far I have filled out most of...
  36. Alejandro Booher

    USN Should I go Naval Aircrewman or a Submariner?

    I want to become a Naval Aviator. I'm planning to apply for the NROTC Scholarship but I doubt that I will be able to get it, with all the competition out there. I'm a PO1 in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps and going through 4 years of Air Force JROTC, but I still don't think I will be...
  37. B

    Branch Dilemma - Advice Needed

    Hi all, Let me preface this with "Yes, I am a jackass and I should have thought about this sooner" and "I'm sorry RUFiO181, I should have asked my recruiter the first day I talked to him". My current situation is that I've just been given the N3M approval to have my MEPS physical, the details...
  38. C

    Navy vs. Marines-Naval Aviator (Here we go again)

    Howdy guys, I realize this has been posted before and I have read through a great deal of threads on this topic, but I would like some updated responses because things change by the minute. I have decided to apply for a pilot spot in both the Navy and the Marines. I'm hopeful that I will get an...
  39. Ligerfoxzoid

    OCS Reconsideration timeframe

    How long do i have from my not selected result to submit a reconsideration package?
  40. Law_Student_Yawning

    OAR/ASTB for OCS

    So, I'm taking the OAR/ASTB exams in less than two weeks. Is that enough time to prepare? Let me give you a little bit of background. I'm 25. I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a 3.45 GPA. I am in my last year of law school, and I do plan on getting barred. I've...
  41. R

    Question regarding high school/college transcripts - STA-21

    Hey all! Pretty new to this forum but have dug pretty deep to find gouges, info, etc. I'm putting together my package for FY18 and haven't had any luck with finding out my transcript question. I have gathered all my transcripts but don't understand how they shall be put in the package itself...
  42. M

    Navy Commission after AF Palace Chase

    Good day all! I was active duty in the Air Force for 4 years. I initially signed a 6 year contract. I was able to get out early under a program called Palace Chase (PC). This program allows you to switch from active duty and join a Guard or Reserve unit at double the time remaining on your...
  43. E

    USN Choosing job after NROTC

    Hello Air Warriors, My name is Eric and I am just starting my junior year of high school. I am extremely interested in becoming a Navy NFO through the NROTC program. My question is, how are jobs chosen after NROTC? Do you get whatever job you want if you are qualified for it, is it assigned...
  44. NavyLife1989

    Sending phone cards in the mail

    Hey guys, I posted this yesterday in the main forum and I'm beginning to think I should've posted it on here since I have not gotten any replies from the main forum. Here is my question and what I posted yesterday: Hey all- I am a new member to Air Warriors, but I have been following some...
  45. Intrepid12

    What does it take to be a Navy Pilot?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this website. I am currently an aerospace engineering student who is about to start his sophomore year. I am looking to get some information about becoming a Navy Pilot. Something important to note is that I would be taking the OCS route. What type of...
  46. E

    USN Headache Waiver for Navy NFO

    Hello Air Warriors, My name is Eric and I am just starting my junior year in high school. I am extremely interested in becoming a Navy NFO through an NROTC program. I think that I can pass all aspects of the flight physical except that there may be a problem with one thing...a few years ago I...
  47. Intel101

    OCS Additonal documents after application submission.

    Does NRC allow additional LORS/awards to be sent after you already submitted application prior to board commencing?
  48. C

    Choosing between Marines and Navy (Fighter pilot)

    Ok, so I’m looking to become a fighter pilot through ROTC and I’ve been doing my research but I’m having a hard time deciding between the Marines and Navy. I have gathered a lot of info about the two branches and their differences but I still have a few questions that I couldn’t find answers...
  49. I

    Double dipping between Air Force & Navy?

    Hi All! This is my first post, so I apologize if there are any unsaid rules I'm not following or posting in the wrong thread. I NEED YOUR ADVICE!! I was in the process of applying to the Air Force pilot board in June & passed the AFOQT but did terrible on the the TBAS (joystick test). Because...
  50. S

    LASIK, Naval Vision requirements, MEPS, and Eligibility

    I had a conversation recently with my recruiter. He decided to look into vision requirements for unrestricted line officers after I informed him that I was open to seeking a commission as a SWO. I already took the ASTB-E (and have fairly competitive scores with my GPA), plan on going to MEPS, am...