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OCS Navy Intel Chances



Hello everyone! I was wondering what are my chances of being picked up for Intel. My stats are as follows:

24 year old male

3.66 GPA for bachelors degree (UVA & a CC)
Major: Government

52 OAR score

LOR: 1) A U.S. Congressman 2) My former boss

Leadership experience: Was promoted to deputy campaign manager on a multi million dollar campaign where I oversaw 30 plus people. I also was promoted to shift trainer during my time as a server in college.

Motivational Statement: I come from a military family and I grew up in the Spec War community. Obviously, this made quite the impression on me and fostered a strong desire to serve my country and honor them. I love my country and I can't wait to serve.
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Making Recruiting Great Again
Figured you’re new here but cutting to the chase search around the forums to help find your answer.

The “how competitive am I?” question gets asked all the time.

Applicants who spend time searching around and doing the homework have a 42% improvement of being successful naval officers.