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Prior service Claims Questions

I'm creating a new thread because the stickied threads don't seem to be getting a lot of recent traffic. Also I have scoured the forum for the answer to my question with no luck.

I spent 6 years on AD in the Navy with an honorable discharge blah blah. Claimed several items on my VA disability claim e.g. sprained ankle, ptsd, adhd, anxiety, and insomnia. Of course, Id like to pursue a commission in AFO, Intell, SWO, etc. but don't want to waste anyone's time (mine or recruiters)

I know this all sounds bad but here is the kicker. I received 10 only for my ankle and I'm currently seeking to forfeit the 10% as I am no longer symptomatic (the exact award was for limited range of motion)

I have no history both in my AD recor or VA record of PTSD, anxiety, or insomnia...the only documented mention of these item is in my VA claim letter.

I was diagnosed and later undiagnosed with adhd on active duty and haven't taken meds in like 10 years (im 29 now). Obviously my only concern is the MEPS process because I have been out for 4 years completing my undergrad full time.

My question is this: Given I have no history whatsoever with regard to ptsd, anxiety, isomnia, is the mere mention of these on my VA award letter (documentation that must be submitted for my med read), enough to warrant PDQ? Im concerned that just simply claiming these items will dq me from MEPS. other than this I'm super healthy, knocked out my undergrad in 3 years with a 3.5 in addition to volunteer work, and earning additional scholarships.

I guess I just see all these posts about va disability and dudes trying to get in with like, 30% this and 40% that...all I have is 10% and mention on my claim of some issues that I dont really have....or rather, have been proven not to have.

Thanks for your time guys. First post. Be gentle.
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It will depend on the injury /condition but be prepared for a lengthy battle with meps. They will need to see the VA documents as well as the original documentation.
Ya its just 10% for my ankle. So get a copy of my evaluation physical by the VA. Other than that my va mediacl record is completely empty and I have copies of my AD medical record...cool


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since you have completed your MSO they will look at you all conditions, even ones you developed while on active duty to determine if they they meet initial entrance requirements.