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  1. M

    Officer interviews for ocs

    Hey everyone. I'm about to start getting my package together for intel o and had some questions. I'm prior enlisted and have put in a package in 2017, for NFO and didnt get selected. I aged out of NFO and am now trying for Intel O and Crypto. My question is, can I reuse my interviews even though...
  2. E

    Application did not get a "read receipt"

    I'm an active duty E6 applying to OCS for 1810 and 1830. I completed my package and sent the PDF to officerapplications@navy.mil. In the FAQ on the Navy's OCS page it says if you do not receive a "confirmation of receipt" to send the email again and also email ocsquestions@navy.mil. I did, and...
  3. Hail_HYDRA!

    USN Don't judge your value by your proximity to the target

    Just came across an incredible article entitled "Don't judge your value by your proximity to the target" that I believe is most appropriate to our community, heck all communities of support professionals, as we are the expert IW support cadre providing critical IW capabilities to the warfighter...
  4. SickEmergency

    Forced To Choose Early

    I’m assuming someone else out there has had this happen to them or knows what to do in my situation. My second choice SWO approved me and gave me a leave date for April 14th. My first choice INTEL won’t be posting results until the end of April. Obviously there’s a timing issues here. Do I...
  5. F

    Top Secret Security Clearance for Specific Community

    I am planning to apply to become a commissioned officer in Intel soon. Are Intel officer candidates required to obtain a TS security clearance or just a regular security clearance in order to get accepted? If TS is required, what is the process like? (Ie: how long does it take, how to prepare...
  6. Z

    OCS Navy Intel Chances

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what are my chances of being picked up for Intel. My stats are as follows: 24 year old male 3.66 GPA for bachelors degree (UVA & a CC) Major: Government 52 OAR score LOR: 1) A U.S. Congressman 2) My former boss Leadership experience: Was promoted to deputy...
  7. Hail_HYDRA!

    Information being weapon of choice

    Interesting read: https://www.c4isrnet.com/it-networks/2018/02/07/navys-new-weapon-of-choice-information/
  8. BlueDacnis

    4 DEC 17 IWC Board

    Apologies if this has already been created; I searched for it everywhere and couldn't find it. Figured people would like to gather and panic together. Checking in.. Had my packet done in mid October. Now we play the waiting game..
  9. F

    SWO-IDC options?

    Hi everyone! I noticed in the most recent board schedule posted there is "SWO-IDC options" included in the Intel board. So I was trying to find more information on this because when I asked my recruiter, he had never heard of it and didn't think it was a thing. From what I have found just...
  10. C

    Seeking Intel Officer for interview

    Working on my OCS application and my recruiter is having a hard time finding an Intel officer to conduct my interview. He suggested I try this forum to try and reach out. I live in Northwest, GA about an hour and a half from Atlanta but travel is not a problem. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  11. jtorres

    Likelihood of lateral transfer success: RL(Intel) to URL(Seal)

    I originally wanted to apply for the SEAL officer program, but there were a few obstacles that I failed to navigate through. I understood the package was due by the last week of February 2017, and I knew that one of the most significant pieces of the package is the PFT. That said, my last...
  12. FirstGenNavy

    Recruiters: Question about DOR

    I have a question for former and current Navy officer recruiters. My dream has always been to serve in the Navy. I was recently offered a commission as an intelligence officer, however, three weeks into Officer Candidate School, I dropped on request. Without going into much detail, my...
  13. zack13usa

    OCS Poll- March '16 IDC Board Applicants

    Hi all, Now that we're almost a week away, here's an extended version for the upcoming IDC board thread ( posted for 03/07/2016 date) Which designators are you applying for? and what is your background?
  14. zack13usa

    OCS March '16 IDC Board

    Hi all, I'm creating this thread for those who applied or planning to apply for March 7 IDC board. I missed the previous Dec' 15 board due to missing transcript Feel free to check in here
  15. B

    Intel/Supply Chances

    Hey everyone. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on my chances at either Intel or Supply and what kind of scores I need to make on the ASTB/OAR. My recruiter says I'll be competitive but I'd like to get a more definite sense. UnderGrad GPA: 3.338 (University of Texas) Law School GPA: 3.13...
  16. cottrouble

    OCS A whole lot of questions about OCS from a non-prior

    Quickly, here’s my background: Political science undergraduate (BS) from a well-known state school (think UCLA, Ohio State), worked my way through school, 3.1 GPA Went to work for Fortune 500 company, ranked 9th most promising co. in America by Forbes. Started as a consultant, moved up into two...
  17. zack13usa

    NEWS Mid-Nov 2015 IDC Rolling Board

    I heard from my OR and Processing officer that an IDC rolling board predicted to take place around Mid Nov 2015. Stay put for more in the coming days prior to the board being convened.
  18. zack13usa

    OCS DLPT Scores for Intel and IW

    Going through the official NavyCS website, Intel applicant language skills should be quantified by a minimum Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) score of 2/2/2 Read more at: https://www.navycs.com/officer/intelligenceofficer.html OPIs, Observations/ Questions: If DLPT scores boosts...