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OCS Application Issues. Insight Welcome!



I started my OCS adventure August 2016. I knew I was interested in the Navy officer program but I was 250lbs so I took a year to get healthy.

August 2017, I took the OAR with a 56 on the first try so the recruiter told me not to retake it. (I forgot a good deal of my math education and took 2 days to brush up. I think I could do a bit better.)

From there I had to do the pile of paperwork and I had a hell of a time getting medical paperwork together from my entire life. (I was probably too honest. ie: family psychologist documents after parents divorce) It took months to get a MEPS appointment. They kept asking for additional medical documents which I had already submitted to my recruiter. I had to tell him he already had the required documents several times. (months of trying to get to MEPS) I finally got a MEPS appointment and drove to another state for the session only to be turned around at the gate. The recruiter failed to get me on the base's gate access list for that day. The next time around I got in and everything was fine. The MEPS CO recognized my name, looked me dead in the eye and said " Do you have any idea how much money the US Navy has spent trying to get you to MEPS?" I told him I wasn't sure why there were so many issues and he said I had my recruiter to thank for that.

Because of the ridiculous wait time I missed 3 board dates for Supply. I have interviews from O5 - SWO, O5 - Sub Officer (CO of USS Louisiana SSBN-743), and O6 - Supply with outstanding reviews. By the time I got a board date my application was sent back as I would be over 29 (mere days over 29) by the time I could finish OCS and commission... So, I'd aged out of my preferred program without an opportunity for an age waiver. I'm still wildly disappointed.

Now that we're done with catch up. I put my app in for intel and after another list of issues with the recruiting office I was told that my application from the Sept Intel board was rolled to the next board. I've never heard/read of this happening. Does anyone have insight? I'm currently waiting on an answer from the Dec 4th board. It looks like many of you are getting answers right now.

A concluding statement. The process of applying to OCS has been a huge pain in the.. I hope the end result makes it all worth it. Good luck to the other applicants out there.