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Enlisted "Whole Sailor" OCS/LDO advice


New Member
Hello all,

First time posting here, and with the "whole sailor/person" concept of evaluating potential I apologize if I include info here which is not pertinent to Commissioning Programs that's in part what i'm trying to decipher.

I am a 28 yr old CS1(SW) I have been in the Navy 8.5 yrs and just took the CPO Exam for LDO purposes for the first time. I have completed 81 of 120 credits towards my Undergrad in Communications and I am also interested in applying for OCS (SWO) upon completion of my degree
My Evals I see as a weakness (they are good, not great)
currently studying for OAR (two different exams but my ASVAB was a 96)
Substantive LOR's from O-10, O-10(ret), and O-6
No NJP's
TS/SCI clearance (completed 2018)
Awards: 1 Joint Comm, 1 NAM

Essentially I was referred here by a friend who is currently in OCS and was a fleet IC2 picked up for IP on his 2nd application; and I am seeking advice from those who have gone before on how competitive I may or may not be for OCS/LDO, additionally I am doing all of my research on package requirements and piecing them together even though I know It's still early as I need to finish my degree to be eligible for OCS, and my CPO exam results must come back favorably before I am eligible for LDO...while narrowing the field of focus to which naval officer career is most aligned with my own goals (as well as where I believe I would be most beneficial to the Navy). I have come to the determination that Supply LDO, and SWO are the most desirable goals for me.

Concerns for my competitiveness with regard to Supply centering around my pronounced lack of "big picture naval supply experience" In my time as a CS, I have been completely the "go-to" culinary guy with very little records/logistics influence. my tours include...
USS Chung-Hoon DDG-93 (4.5 yrs)
Enlisted Aide Commander USSTRATCOM (2 yrs)
Secretary of The Navy Executive Dining (2.5 yrs) (currently onboard proj detachment September2019)
So I have done very well for myself in the "CS" world, however I want more for myself, my family, and I feel I have more to offer the Navy, and I look to offer mentorship, motivation, and guidance to "pay it forward" with my fellow CS's who get pretty bogged down sometimes cooking food for fleet enlisted/officers I just worry that my lack of Logistics experience will bar me from the Supply LDO table so to speak...

Concerns for my competitiveness with OCS are more related to the timing of finishing my degree, as well as an old PFA failure that is a few years back in my PRIMS...But I turned my PT problem around and it hasn't been an issue since...although I am ramping up the PT for my return to the fleet from special programs as well as in preparation for the goal of attending OCS...In an ideal scenario for my goals and passions with regard to the Navy. I finish my degree, and get accepted into OCS for SWO, and I maintain the momentum, motivation, and work ethic that have shown me some success in my enlisted time and give everything I can to life as a Surface Warfare Officer and don't retire until I become Captain of a ship one day.
Thanks for any and all advice, and opinions!

With all respect,


Welcome. I don't have any comment on the Supply/LDO part of your post, but for SWO/OCS, two of the biggest factors for selection are your OAR score and your GPA. Without those, it's a bit hard to tell if you'll get picked up or not. There's an ASTB/OAR portion of this site that has a bunch of useful study tips (https://www.airwarriors.com/community/forums/astb.47/), specifically the "1,001 questions" thread.