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  1. Marceli

    ATSB test in San Diego

    Does anyone know where I can take the ASTB test in San Diego?
  2. M

    Enlisted Fleet Applicant Consideration

    1. As a general rule, do the GPA/ASTB ranges discussed on these broads apply to fleet sailors as well as civilian applicants? Just wondering if Sailors receive any board consideration for demonstrated performance in high ASVAB score ratings (Nuc, CT, HM) and/or high security clearances...
  3. R

    2018 ASTB Study Guide Help

    Hi all, I was directed to this site by someone now in Navy flight school. He said he was able to use resources from Air Warriors to help study for the ASTB. I am now in the process of studying for the ASTB and would appreciate any help via study guides and the like. If you know of any existing...
  4. socalsomeday

    Path to becoming a pilot

    This is my first post here so please bare with me. I am aiming to commission through OCS as a pilot. I took the ASTB yesterday (59 6/5/7). My recruiter said that, unfortunately, the mimimums for SNA were recently upped and I am one point short (6/6/X). Since this was my second ASTB, he...
  5. derek.bane

    ASTB Exam Help - PLEASE

    Is anyone willing to share or sell their study materials if they have already passed their ASTB/OAR exams? I just quit my job and I am starting the whole process to become a US Naval Pilot. I sincerely mean it when I say that any help is appreciated. We could all work wonderfully together as a...
  6. jnaylor

    Chances of getting accepted?

    Hey everyone, first time posting here. I’m looking to join the Navy or Marines as a pilot. I just took the ASTB. Scored 66 for OAR and 7’s for the other 3 components. I obviously know that it’s a whole package kind of deal, but how competitive are those scores? I’m in for the Navy board meeting...
  7. E

    ASTB ASTB study prep recommendations.

    Hi everyone, I’m a 25 year old female, prior enlisted (corpsman - HM). I got out of active duty (honorable discharge) after 5 years active and one year reserve due to a family emergency and I am currently working towards a major in Physics with a focus on Astrophysics. I have been talking with...
  8. dave02392

    The "all around" candidate

    Been seeing a lot of responses on both sides of the argument that the " all around" person and how that helps in pilot selection. Age: 25 Education: Currently 2nd semester of junior year. Economics major, Business minor. GPA: 2.7 Marine Corps prior enlisted 6153 CH-53E airframes (AM Navy rate)...
  9. abctotheabc

    OAR Online Study Resources (Free)

    So I just bought this book from Amazon which is an OAR Study Guide for 2018-2019. It came with a link to some useful stuff and practice tests online if anybody wanted. I'm studying for the test now hoping to take it sometime in late January and I've read through countless stuff on this forum so...
  10. E

    Not so good GPA. Do I still have a shot at going in as an officer?

    Hey, My GPA right now in college is not so great. I think it is at a 2.8 or so. Do I have to have a certain GPA before I can even be considered to go in as an officer? Or do you think if I can do well enough on the OAR/ASTB they will overlook my GPA? My other thought was this... If I don't...
  11. Cgunner91

    ASTB FAA Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge PDF (for ASTB aviation section)

    Hey, all Coming from somebody who doubled their ASTB scores from a 3/4/3 to a 6/8/6, the FAA Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge helped significantly improve my aviation section score. I linked it below. It seems it might have been shared here often, but I just wished to make another...
  12. Ryan92Dallas

    Are stick controls really inverted like in the ASTB sim?

    Before I ask you all this, YES i searched this thread and google and only came up with inverted video game controls for GTA V and various simulators. So nobody be a dick and tell me to look it up or something when it isn't on this site or google or known by my recruiter or any other commonly...
  13. Ryan92Dallas

    Selection parameters

    Currently studying for the ASTB. My ASVAB scores are 76 and a 109 GT score. I recently took an OAR practice test without studying and got a 58. My GPA is 3.0, good shape and I have been in the Army for the past 7 years, no moral or legal issues, graduating next term. What are my chances for...
  14. Z

    Just took the ASTB

    Morning, I recently took the ASTB through the Marines in January. I scored a 42 oar, 4/7/6. My recruiter was happy about my score as it was only my first attempt. I have around 300 hours of flight time already, PPL, IR an taking my comm checkride April 4th. Aviation management major. My...
  15. D

    USMC Good enough for Marine fighter pilot?

    So I'm a prior service Marine and got a 73, 9/9/9 on the ASTB, graduated at the top of my class with a degree in mechanical engineering and had a GPA of 3.95. There's more I could put academically but that's the gist of my academic caliber. I'm in good shape, but my run time could be better...
  16. Law_Student_Yawning

    OAR/ASTB for OCS

    So, I'm taking the OAR/ASTB exams in less than two weeks. Is that enough time to prepare? Let me give you a little bit of background. I'm 25. I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a 3.45 GPA. I am in my last year of law school, and I do plan on getting barred. I've...
  17. Intrepid12

    What does it take to be a Navy Pilot?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this website. I am currently an aerospace engineering student who is about to start his sophomore year. I am looking to get some information about becoming a Navy Pilot. Something important to note is that I would be taking the OCS route. What type of...
  18. Robert Washington


    Hello all! I'm taking the OAR in a few weeks and was hoping to find some gouge to study from or does anyone know any hard copy books that I can buy to help me out. Thanks! V/r, Robert Washington
  19. Paul Kellerman

    USN My chance under my special situation

    Dear fellows, I have a question regarding my Intel and OCS chances: I got my ASTB 64, 7, 6, 8. I was already disqualified for flying because my eyes -8 refractive and astigmatism. But the thing I'm really worrying about is my SF86. I was born and raised in Beijing, mandarin was my 1st language...
  20. M

    ASTB Tomorrow in St. Louis

    Hey everyone, Let me start by thanking everyone who's been posting information, scores, advice, etc. on the forum as it has me feeling very prepared for my own process. I've been reviewing several online study materials in addition to taking the free online ASTB exam offered through Peterson...
  21. popeye123


    new here guys i heard that if we had a LOR from an officer it would highly increase my chances getting into OCS. unfortunately i dont' know any seamen let alone officers... i was planning to volunteer at the NMCRS, hoping to get some volunteer work down my resume and maybe meet some officers in...
  22. Tandog

    ASTB A synopsis of the ASTB for the new guys and girls.

    I took the ASTB since I am a PLC aviation candidate in the DFW, TX area. Last week, I passed the exam with a 52/6/6/7; it was my second (and most likely final) attempt. Here is a brief synopsis of how the test went: 1. Leave any calculators, phones, smart watches, etc. outside of the testing...
  23. JohnH

    ASTB Far Different than I expected

    A little about me first as this is my first post. I am an Army Intelligence Analyst, NCO, and college graduate. I am looking to better myself and advance my career by becoming an officer. I would have chosen to stay in the Army, but they like to impose ridiculous restrictions like age limits of...
  24. Tandog

    I take the ASTB in a week...

    It's my second time to take the ASTB for the USMC PLC program. What is a good way to mentally prepare for the HOTUS throttle and joystick test? That was the ONLY thing I failed last time. Any advice is helpful.
  25. Nick Termini

    Change of Option to Marine Option for Aviation Contract

    I am currently an NROTC Navy Option Midshipman 3/C on scholarship hoping to switch to Marine Option to get a flight contract. I've been told there are only 5 slots nationwide for such a switch, making it quite competitive, but I know the Marine Corps is looking for pilots so a good set of ASTB...