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  1. Mouselovr

    Reapplication process

    Hi! I'm currently applying SNA for the January boards. ASTB 6/7/7 GPA 3.76 My recruiter is pushing me hard to apply for NFO as she's been told they've essentially filled their pilot quota for the year due to COVID issues. I'm only interested in SNA, and I'm more than happy to wait to attend OCS...
  2. H

    USN SNFO/SNA re-des pre-commissioning

    NROTC MIDN just got a SNFO slot. Put NFO second to SNA. Obviously very happy to not be a SWO but I had my heart set on pilot so there's definitely some disappointment. Wondering if anyone has experience or knows the chances on redesignating before commissioning. I figure there may be some way to...
  3. F

    ocs sna gpa concern

    So I’ll be graduating in May of 2021, interested in going sna. I haven’t taken the astb yet, but I’ve been studying for it like crazy. My concern is my gpa, I’ve switch majors 3 times and I’m currently a psych major, probably will be graduating with a high 2.9. Should I even try to bump this up...
  4. KFC

    25May20 SNA/SNFO (Pilot/NFO) Board

    For anyone applying to the 25 May 2020 Pilot/NFO board, we will be using the Pilot/NFO 4MAY20 thread until further information is posted to confirm the date of the upcoming board. Upon joining, please add your information to our collective Google sheet, and welcome to the group!
  5. R

    ASTB-E Scores SNA

    Just retook the ASTB-E and here are the results: Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR): 52 Academic Qualification Rating (AQR): 7 Pilot Flight Officer Rating (PFAR): 8 Naval Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (FOFAR): 7 Are these scores competitive for SNA? I'm looking at applying for the first...
  6. D

    26Jun20 SNA/NFO Board

    I have been searching, and it looks like there's not one yet for the board in June, which I will be on. Looking forward to discussing our worries and anxiety :)). Good luck, all!
  7. S

    FY20 Oct. 28, 2019 SNA/NFO Board

    Hey folks, FY20 dates just were released within the past few days so I figured it made sense to make a thread and spreadsheet for this board. Drop your information in the thread and I'll get it added to the spreadsheet. Good luck! Fly Navy! Board Date: 20191028 Package Due Date: 20190927...
  8. Aceleo

    NASA Engineer vs Navy Pilot

    I was selected for SNA and I am slated to go to OCS on August 18th. I haven't taken the oath yet and I haven't received my final select letter. However, after I submitted my Navy application, I also interviewed with NASA for an engineering position(just in case I didn't get the SNA slot)...
  9. Aceleo

    Navy Pilots max age limit increased to 32?

    My recruiter just called me yesterday telling me that the max age limit for Navy pilots got increased from 26 to 32. I was on the verge of getting too old to apply as a pilot but this comes as good news for me. I have been scouring the internet to find an official statement on this but couldn't...
  10. Saucebaus

    USN Flight School DQ Options?

    If someone were to get DQ'd from the SNA pipeline (post OCS) due to anthro measurements or something like that what are your reclassification options? I've heard that if you're an OCS guy that you just get sent home, but this sounds ridiculous to me especially for someone who has already...
  11. P

    Impacting my future chance?

    I recently applied for SWO and SNA. I was picked up for SNA, but not SWO. While I understand this selection is an incredible opportunity, I have to consider all of the options. I applied to grad school and was recently accepted into my dream Masters program. I am wondering if it would harm my...
  12. Aceleo

    USN Age problem with flight school

    Hi all, Due to some issues with depth perception and getting a LASIK afterward (6-month wait), my application for SNA was delayed about 2 years. But now I am almost ready. Soon I will be submitting my OCS packet for April 2nd board. I am only applying for SNA(Pilot). My scores are 55/7/7/6...
  13. B

    OCS Shipping on April 14th to Navy OCS (SNA)

    Hey everyone, I couldn't find anyone with a similar date time. Just seeing if there is anyone else headed to OCS at the same time. I'm going in for SNA. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  14. socalsomeday

    05FEB19 SNA Board

    Hello all! I am starting a thread for all who are applying to the 05FEB19 SNA board because I did not find one already made. Please be sure to add yourself to the googledoc below so we can track who is selected. Good luck everyone...
  15. R

    2018 ASTB Study Guide Help

    Hi all, I was directed to this site by someone now in Navy flight school. He said he was able to use resources from Air Warriors to help study for the ASTB. I am now in the process of studying for the ASTB and would appreciate any help via study guides and the like. If you know of any existing...
  16. socalsomeday

    Path to becoming a pilot

    This is my first post here so please bare with me. I am aiming to commission through OCS as a pilot. I took the ASTB yesterday (59 6/5/7). My recruiter said that, unfortunately, the mimimums for SNA were recently upped and I am one point short (6/6/X). Since this was my second ASTB, he...
  17. Aceleo

    Got denied for Depth Perception

    I applied for a Pilot slot for the Air Force but I did not get one. Instead, I was offered a CSO/Navigator(NFO) slot for the Air Force. I was really happy to get that however deep inside I really wanted to be a Pilot. So I started my Navy SNA application process. During the process, I found out...
  18. C

    At OCS, got NPQ'd

    Hello all, I was part of class 10-18, (Feb 4, 2018) and went through a few days before I had a meeting with the flight surgeon. Pretty much I was NPQ'd for having 1.75 astigmatism, when 1.00 was the max standard. I remember I asked the eye doc at MEPS if my astigastigm was within standards and...
  19. dave02392

    The "all around" candidate

    Been seeing a lot of responses on both sides of the argument that the " all around" person and how that helps in pilot selection. Age: 25 Education: Currently 2nd semester of junior year. Economics major, Business minor. GPA: 2.7 Marine Corps prior enlisted 6153 CH-53E airframes (AM Navy rate)...
  20. E

    Color Vision/MEPS Issue

    Air Warriors, I have been reading this forum for the past two or so years for information along my journey to pursue a commission and flight contract. Today I ran into what could be a show stopper and am looking for answers/advice (apologies for the novel of a description, trying to be thorough...
  21. Yram Y.

    OCS I'm Worried that SNA/pilot is overmanned?

    I'll try to keep it short: I'm a college Junior; Chemistry major, Mathematics minor. I want to go to OCS after I graduate and become a Naval Aviator. I have not spoken to a recruiter, yet. My granddad was a Naval fighter pilot. I'm a NCAA D-2 athlete, athletic awards, scholar awards, >100...
  22. C

    Eyesight Change

    Okay...I was Pro Rec Y for SNA back in April. I went to MEPS in February and passed the eye exam, but just barely. I had 20/40 uncorrected (Correctable to 20/20), which is the maximum limit. I am graduating college this December, so my planned ship out date is either January or February. What...
  23. K

    Withdrew OCS nomination

    Last year I was accepted to OCS as a SNA and given a start date. This came after lengthy waiver processes for my eyes and depth perception (after failing at MEPS). Flying was my dream, so I went to a handful of doctors to get their opinions on my eyes and almost all of them said I wouldn't have...
  24. J

    SNA Vision Requirements

    So I've recently been accepted to OCS under the designation of SNA, and I just wanted to clear something up real quick. I'm aware that for applicants you need 20/40 uncorrected and correctable to 20/20. However my vision is 20/100 uncorrected, and 20/20 corrected. (All numbers based off page 4...
  25. M

    Primary Flight Question?

    Good evening all, I was wondering if anyone knows the policy for pinks sheets before PRB/Drop, specifically for marines at NAS Whiting Field (Primary Flight)? I know in API it is two and out (no exceptions), curious if the policy stands though the rest of your training or just in API. Any word...
  26. F

    Waiver for Mild Pulmonary Stenosis

    Hi there, I'm new to this board and am currently in the process of applying to OCS (SNA or SNFO). I have been told I have competitive stats for the flight program. I'm expecting to graduate from a top 5 US University next year with a 3.7 GPA and degrees in mathematics (special honors) and...
  27. Dangle

    Question regarding contact lens and waivers

    I am sorry if there was a previous thread on this topic, I tried to search but was not quite satisfied with what I had read and I am in a bit of a panic mode. I will be getting LASIK this weekend, and I have been working with my recruiter on making sure I cover all my bases before having the...
  28. Future Pilot619

    Interested in Navy OCS

    Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well! I am currently in High school(my Junior year just ended today!) and I am highly interested in becoming an officer in the Navy. A little bit of background about myself: I am a Navy brat, my mother served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for 24...
  29. Hammer10k

    Strategies for Stashing

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I'm slated to start OCS on March 27 for SNA. I am also a 3L in law school with a semester remaining before graduation. After OCS's target graduation date in June, the plan is to return to Atlanta (my hometown) and stash at the NRD office while I complete my last...
  30. Hair Warrior

    Sweet 360 degree video from F/A-18 cockpit

    Click this link on your phone (w/ accelerometer), and tilt it around during the video: Apologies if it's been posted here before. I searched but couldn't find it.
  31. Armitage

    SNA and Depth Perception

    Hello Everyone, Last night my recruiter dropped the bomb on me that I had been disqualified for SNA because I didn't score high enough on the Depth Perception test. This was pretty baffling to me but I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's not a mistake of some kind and try to move forward. I've...
  32. E

    Lasik question

    Hello all, I have a question regarding the pre operative refractive limits for lasik. I understand that the limit is +3.00 pre op for SNA, but is that combined for both eyes or is it each eye separately. (I have corrections 1.5 and 1.75 respectively). Please this is keeping me up at night. I am...