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Interested in Navy OCS

Future Pilot619

New Member
Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well! I am currently in High school(my Junior year just ended today!) and I am highly interested in becoming an officer in the Navy. A little bit of background about myself: I am a Navy brat, my mother served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for 24 years and made it to the rank of Senior Chief until she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, my biological father also served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman who eventually became a Navy SEAL and is now retired( I haven't actually asked him how long he served), and my stepfather is still serving in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman(Green Side) and just made Master Chief. I have been interested in joining the Navy for most of my life, but my mother told me that as long as I went to college, she didn't have a problem with my choices, I realize I'm droning on about my life, so I'll get straight to the point, I am hoping to go to a college that offers NROTC, but in the event that I don't, I would definitely want to go to Navy OCS as an SNA, however, I am not sure how I would go about getting into Navy OCS as an SNA. From what I've heard, OCS is extremely hard to get into, especially as an SNA, and if you F up at OCS, you aren't getting into the Navy. Any and all advice and or wisdom you guys and gals can provide is much appreciated and certainly welcome, thank you!


Livin on a Prayer
All the wisdom and advice you seek can be found in the search bar. First lesson in officership is to look for the answers privately before you ask the questions publicly.