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  1. V

    N3M Waivers

    Hi all, I'm currently working on my package for OCS, going for SWO and Intel, so far everything is all good with my OAR scores, etc. I went to MEPS yesterday and had no problems at all but found out while I was there that I was disqualified because of several diagnoses that the initial doctor...
  2. Andrew_franny

    Falant test locations

    Hey guys, I have been looking for a thread that has compiled locations of all Farnsworth Lantern tests (I was an idiot and didn't save it). I was wondering if anyone had knowledge of the thread or other info on the whereabouts of the test? I live in Washington. Before you guys say it's been...
  3. alfanier

    Keratoconus Waiver

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, though I’ve been reading a lot on this forum over the last year. I am applying for a pilot slot after I finish school- my main concern is my eye condition, keratoconus. I just got CXL surgery to prevent it from progressing and I still have 20/20 vision, but...
  4. WannaFlyHigh

    Should I get LASIK before OCS?

    Background: So I used to search function to find a similar instance of what I am going thru and could not find any useful info. So I am applying to SNA and already took the ASTB. Last year I had a vision test done and was told I had a slight near sightedness in my eyes. I have glasses for 20/35...
  5. A

    MEPS process stalled out over PRK procedure paperwork

    Back in Jan 2020, I had submitted all my paperwork form my eye doctor's office along with all the Navy post op paperwork, filled out and signed. Now for the past 7 months I have have been working with my recruiter to prepare my packet for the boards, since back in March. However every time MEPS...
  6. E

    General Questions about MEPS

    I know that they conduct a blood test, but I am a bit worried about my veins not showing. I have been staying hydrated but for some reason they are quite stubborn when it comes to being visible. If they cant find my veins, will they cancel the blood test? Another thing is that I have quite...
  7. E

    NUPOC Application Process

    I am just about finished with my package and should be submitting it in the next couple of days. I know of course that I cannot control how fast this whole process goes, but I did tell my recruiter that I was having some financial trouble, and kind of needed NUPOC to help pay for school. We...
  8. Chippewa19

    Timeline and is PRK still preferred?

    I wear glasses and my prescription is within the NAMI standards to get PRK or LASIK out of pocket. (-3.25, -3.0) I am starting the application process for PLC-Air and I was planning on having the surgery this spring so I have a 6+ month window for everything to check out before MEPS and NAMI...
  9. Navy2007

    Time from a start to finish

    I love the ole “hurry up and wait” adage. I began this process in January 2017. If at first you don’t succeed keep trying right? I have been on only two boards since then. But I am hopeful that the SWO board I am on for 08 APR 2019 is it! How long have you been applying, waiting on MEPS...
  10. AwsumAwstun

    Waiver for vision?

    Hey guys. Long time reader, first post. I am completely done with my packet for SWO (56 OAR, 3.35 GPA, Marketing degree, 5+years in management). I'm only waiting for a consultation regarding my eyesight. In 2011 I attempted to enlist and was told by my recruiter, "They're not letting you in...
  11. S

    My friend might be set to fail?

    I have a friend he’s always wanted to join the military at first he went with the airforce because that is seriously into aviation, anyway he couldn’t continue the process because in one of his medical records it showed that he had some mental problems at a young age he stopped the process and...
  12. E

    Color Vision/MEPS Issue

    Air Warriors, I have been reading this forum for the past two or so years for information along my journey to pursue a commission and flight contract. Today I ran into what could be a show stopper and am looking for answers/advice (apologies for the novel of a description, trying to be thorough...
  13. 2

    Prior service Claims Questions

    I'm creating a new thread because the stickied threads don't seem to be getting a lot of recent traffic. Also I have scoured the forum for the answer to my question with no luck. I spent 6 years on AD in the Navy with an honorable discharge blah blah. Claimed several items on my VA disability...
  14. Yram Y.

    OCS I'm Worried that SNA/pilot is overmanned?

    I'll try to keep it short: I'm a college Junior; Chemistry major, Mathematics minor. I want to go to OCS after I graduate and become a Naval Aviator. I have not spoken to a recruiter, yet. My granddad was a Naval fighter pilot. I'm a NCAA D-2 athlete, athletic awards, scholar awards, >100...
  15. Syed Zaheer Hasan Rizvi

    What happens during and after MEPS?

    I am applying as an Navy OCS candidate and wanted to know anything to watch out for during MEPS and after as well as if I am unsuccessful in joining as an officer, there is no contract I mistakenly signed that put me down as enlisted?
  16. C

    Eyesight Change

    Okay...I was Pro Rec Y for SNA back in April. I went to MEPS in February and passed the eye exam, but just barely. I had 20/40 uncorrected (Correctable to 20/20), which is the maximum limit. I am graduating college this December, so my planned ship out date is either January or February. What...
  17. W

    USN Long Wait for MEPS Prescreen?

    Hello All, I'd like some insight or suggestions in regards to getting past the MEPS prescreen phase of my application which has gone on for almost a year. First I'd just like to give a little insight to my situation. I am a recent college graduate applying for a Navy CEC DCO board in June. I...
  18. C

    Recruiter said only 3 month wait after LASIK?

    Hey all, So I just took the ASTB today and am scheduled to get LASIK next Friday, and when speaking with my officer recruiter he said that there is now just a 3 month wait after getting LASIK to go through MEPS / apply to OCS so long as you have reports from your surgeon every 30 days, and said...
  19. Ace_riley

    NAMI whammy

    Ever since I read about people having to redesignate by the flight surgeons when they get to Pensacola, Ive been sort of terrified about the whole thing. I read one example of somebody with sinus problems that got rejected... I have a permanent stuffy right or left nostril, for whatever reason...
  20. I

    Double dipping between Air Force & Navy?

    Hi All! This is my first post, so I apologize if there are any unsaid rules I'm not following or posting in the wrong thread. I NEED YOUR ADVICE!! I was in the process of applying to the Air Force pilot board in June & passed the AFOQT but did terrible on the the TBAS (joystick test). Because...