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MEPS process stalled out over PRK procedure paperwork

AZ Auxiliary

New Member
Back in Jan 2020, I had submitted all my paperwork form my eye doctor's office along with all the Navy post op paperwork, filled out and signed. Now for the past 7 months I have have been working with my recruiter to prepare my packet for the boards, since back in March. However every time MEPS has requested additional information, the first time they wanted the surgery notes, which my recruiter confirmed was already turned in. A month or so later MEPS requested the "temperature of the laser" from the procedure. I got in contact with both the office, where the procedure was done, and the doctor, who preformed the procedure. Both said that information was only recorded if something went wrong during the procedure, which went smoothly. Now I'm here in July missing another board (SWO) because just today MEPS has once again requested "additional information" for the PRK Procedure. I have tried asking my recruiter if there is anything I can do, outside of what I have already done and unfortunately he has stated that MEPS is MEPS and there isnt anything I can do. Im posting here to see if anyone else has been in or is in a similar situation to see if that is 100% the case to make sure all options have been explored.


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The MEPS liaison can go talk to the doc to see exactly what he is looking for, I never had an issue getting a person to be seen by MEPS that had LASIK or PRK.