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  1. Chippewa19

    Timeline and is PRK still preferred?

    I wear glasses and my prescription is within the NAMI standards to get PRK or LASIK out of pocket. (-3.25, -3.0) I am starting the application process for PLC-Air and I was planning on having the surgery this spring so I have a 6+ month window for everything to check out before MEPS and NAMI...
  2. Kevin leslie

    Questions about >PLC (Aviation Contract)

    Good afternoon, My name is Kevin Leslie I am fresh out of highschool and taking my first collage courses at a community collage before I transfer to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, (IACBE: Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business.) I had a uncle who was a NFO in the ea-6b...
  3. Khaanh

    GOUGE Big 'ol Gouge Folder

    Hi all, this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3H2TOw-sb8WeVVNZVpHaHZFeU0 leads to a Google Drive folder containing gouge that I've found helpful, if not necessary--the folder will be continuously updated, and the included files are listed below. Please let me know of any outdated...
  4. Derringer

    NFO process and qualifications

    Hi everyone, I have read several threads here over the last year or so. I just today set up an account to ask for some input from you all. It would be really great to hear from those with particularly recent experience with becoming a USMC NFO. Of course, any advice and info would help...
  5. B

    Branch Dilemma - Advice Needed

    Hi all, Let me preface this with "Yes, I am a jackass and I should have thought about this sooner" and "I'm sorry RUFiO181, I should have asked my recruiter the first day I talked to him". My current situation is that I've just been given the N3M approval to have my MEPS physical, the details...
  6. H

    Some USMC NFO Questions- Advice Appreciated

    I've been lurking on this forum pretty heavily for the past month or so and I was wondering if I could get some input from some of the more experienced posters. Some Background: I'm a soon to be 1/C at the Naval Academy and am rapidly approaching the time when I need to put in my preferences...
  7. H

    V22 vs. Helo homelife

    Good day all, I am a USMC lt. with a wife and baby girl. I am trying to juxtapose the at home time for both selection pipelines, V22 and Rotary. Also, if anyone has any insight for V22, transferring over into civilian life vs. Rotary, that would be appreciated. V/R SNA
  8. Chippewa19

    Marine Air Career Timeline

    Greetings. I've been looking long and hard at pursuing a PLC/OCC Air contract this coming year, and my research has generated a few questions regarding the career options available for a prospective 75xx. 1. Assuming that one is selected for a PLC Air contract and completes OCS, following...
  9. M

    Primary Flight Question?

    Good evening all, I was wondering if anyone knows the policy for pinks sheets before PRB/Drop, specifically for marines at NAS Whiting Field (Primary Flight)? I know in API it is two and out (no exceptions), curious if the policy stands though the rest of your training or just in API. Any word...
  10. E

    USMC Flight Jackets

    An Uncle of mine was in the USMC from 1980 to 1987 as a crew member on a c-130. He mentioned having lost his flight jacket from said period of service, I would like to know what the issue jacket was at the time. The only other details that I have are that it was nylon and winter issue. Any...
  11. USMCmorrison

    Questions: Post TBS and Pcola

    I commission on July 1st and report to TBS on October 3rd of this year. I have a few questions as far as the timeline after TBS as I am looking to get married after TBS. 1. How much time do I have between TBS and Pcola? 2. Who do I need to talk to about getting married in between classes? 3...
  12. 4

    Interservice Transfer (USMC to USN) in Flight School

    I'm a Marine SNA in primary. Due to a variety of reasons, I am interested in an inter-service transfer to Navy aviation. I have become extremely interested certain Navy aviation communities (namely P8s or Growlers... the missions that the Marines aren't really doing), something I wasn't really...
  13. Future Pilot619

    Interested In Becoming a pilot for the USMC through NROTC

    Hello all! I just made an account on this awesome site and had some very important questions to ask. I am currently a Junior in high school(about to be a senior) and I have been thinking about joining the military, I am a Navy brat who's interested in flying for the military. I have decided to...
  14. Noel Dandoy

    USMC Enlisted to OCS? opinions and thoughts

    Greetings all, this is my first ever post here so please bear with me and let me introduce some personal details. I'm 19 years old and currently finishing up my sophomore year of community college. I have just been accepted to a handful of CSUs and UCs and will be transferring out this fall. I...
  15. Tandog

    ASTB A synopsis of the ASTB for the new guys and girls.

    I took the ASTB since I am a PLC aviation candidate in the DFW, TX area. Last week, I passed the exam with a 52/6/6/7; it was my second (and most likely final) attempt. Here is a brief synopsis of how the test went: 1. Leave any calculators, phones, smart watches, etc. outside of the testing...
  16. Tandog

    I take the ASTB in a week...

    It's my second time to take the ASTB for the USMC PLC program. What is a good way to mentally prepare for the HOTUS throttle and joystick test? That was the ONLY thing I failed last time. Any advice is helpful.
  17. DesertRooster

    Are you assigned any Type of Aircraft in Primary Flight Training?

    I'm wondering how people are assigned what type of aircraft you fly and how it is decided in primary flight training