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ASTB A synopsis of the ASTB for the new guys and girls.


New Member
I took the ASTB since I am a PLC aviation candidate in the DFW, TX area. Last week, I passed the exam with a 52/6/6/7; it was my second (and most likely final) attempt. Here is a brief synopsis of how the test went:
1. Leave any calculators, phones, smart watches, etc. outside of the testing room.
2. Begin with the Mathematics section. I believe this was 40 minutes in duration, and I finished with 12 or so minutes. Take your time if you need it!
3. Next is Reading Comprehension, which is 45 minutes or so; I've forgotten. Honestly, I didn't prepare for this portion (which I don't recommend), and I did just fine. I could have done better, but I invested the lion's share of my time with my nose in the mechanical comprehension and mathematics study guides.
4. The third section, if I remember correctly, is Mechanical Comprehension. It's 15 minutes long, and I would not recommend taking your time on each problem. I solved most problems in under 60 seconds, however, some took more than 2 minutes.
5. 15 minute break. I was fine with 10 minutes, so I cut it short. Before I began the next section, I stretched and did some burpees to get my blood flowing. The testing room was slightly chilly, and physical activity is good for ya.
6. UAV section. This is a game to me; I enjoy seeing how little time I could get on each problem. I missed 2 or 3 due to my haste, but as long as you get a system down for figuring them out, you're set.
7. The next sections include the traits and listening/tracking tests. Nobody I've met has a system for the tracking tests; my system is just to sack up and do my best.

The test took me about two and a half hours. Good luck!