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V22 vs. Helo homelife


New Member
Good day all,

I am a USMC lt. with a wife and baby girl. I am trying to juxtapose the at home time for both selection pipelines, V22 and Rotary. Also, if anyone has any insight for V22, transferring over into civilian life vs. Rotary, that would be appreciated.




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Anecdotally (no hard numbers), I've seen a higher success rate for V22 types being hired directly to major airlines. Whereas a helicopter pilot will have to reinvent themselves entirely, a V22 guy just needs to pay for some civilian ratings to be hirable.

I'll leave job satisfaction and QOL to someone that has walked in those shoes.


Dean of Students
You're going to find that V-22 guys have a little bit higher deployment rate than their helo brothers these days. When at home you're going to have the usual mix of training DETS and CCXs that everyone else has. The difference is VMMs tend to deploy the entire squadron rather than DETs.