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  1. B

    Paths to aviation officer as current serving Army officer?

    Currently serving Army EOD officer here and I'm wondering what a possible path to being a pilot could be. I'm starting my fourth year and while I love EOD it is a bit of a dead end as the only real commands left would be an EOD company. I love EOD and wouldn't trade my time for anything but I...
  2. S

    Finance Degree w/ Pilot Dreams

    Hi all, I went to college and graduated with a 4.0 in Finance. I work in the Finance world but it's not what I thought it would be. I've always wanted to fly in the Navy and while I'm young the idea seems still very feasible. My first question is, does not having a STEM Degree set me back in...
  3. K

    Odds of getting selected for SNA or SNFO? I am putting in for both.

    Background: (26 years old) -ASTB Score 50 566 -7+ years in the Airforce National Guard as an Aircraft Mechanic. -NCO (E5) -Airman of the quarter -"Top Performer" in my Field -BS in Criminal Justice (3.67 GPA) -Private Pilot License with 59.9 hours of flight time -LORs: O5 (Current Commander), O5...
  4. WannaFlyHigh

    Life of a Naval Aviator, how you manage work and personal life.

    So I did a lot of research on this topic via google and searching threads on AW but found a lot of the stuff is outdated or talked briefly in random threads. No body has really spoke up on this in recent years (Post 2015) so I would like hear from some of the recent (or not) people who have...
  5. D

    Stuck On What To Do On The Start Of My Aviation Career

    Hello All, So I've always wanted to fly. I've also always wanted to fly for the military and commercial airlines. My big deal is i'm stuck with so many opportunities. First off, I would love to fly for the Marine Corps. I've wanted to be a Marine and a pilot for them since i was younger. I...
  6. logs99

    Officer Recruiter Problems and the Pilot Board

    First time poster here. I'm been working with my Officer Recruiter since last fall. I took the ASTB in October (62 7/8/7) and am a Certified Flight Instructor with about 250 hours. Graduating college in August with an aviation degree. I've been planning on going Navy after graduation, so we were...
  7. alfanier

    Keratoconus Waiver

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, though I’ve been reading a lot on this forum over the last year. I am applying for a pilot slot after I finish school- my main concern is my eye condition, keratoconus. I just got CXL surgery to prevent it from progressing and I still have 20/20 vision, but...
  8. N

    March 2021 - New ASTB Score Requirements

    Moderator, request a sticky on this one. New ASTB Score Requirements as of March 2021 Academic Qualification Rating (AQR): 4 Pilot Flight Aptitude Rating (PFAR): 5 Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (FOFAR): 5 Fly Navy! Good luck!
  9. PMCsmiles

    In search of experienced pilot

    Me and my team are in search of an experienced USMC, USN or USAF pilot for an up and coming PMC. MUST have experience flying fixed wing and rotary. If anyone is interested, we will talk details privately offline.
  10. J

    ASTB performance.

    I took the ASTB today for the first time and got a 50 4/3/3. I did poorly on the UAV portion. That part was particularly frustrating because I was taken aback by how many turned out to be wrong. I wasn’t told about that portion. I also did poorly on the trailing section because to go up/down...
  11. B

    Waiver for bachelors degree requirement?

    Hey, let's say I wanna be a pilot in the navy (or any other branch) and I don't have a bachelors degree. I do have a degree that is generally considered on par or more advanced than a bachelor, like a foreign M.D (but licensed in the US), which is in most countries an undergrad degree. Could I...
  12. D

    26Jun20 SNA/NFO Board

    I have been searching, and it looks like there's not one yet for the board in June, which I will be on. Looking forward to discussing our worries and anxiety :)). Good luck, all!
  13. H

    Navy Career In Flight Ops/Aviation?

    Hi All, 26 y/o here who is seriously considering joining the Navy as an officer. I went to college and currently work in the defense industry and have had this urge to serve in the military for a few years now. I keep putting it off and now I think I’m too old to do what I’d like to but not...
  14. Aceleo

    NASA Engineer vs Navy Pilot

    I was selected for SNA and I am slated to go to OCS on August 18th. I haven't taken the oath yet and I haven't received my final select letter. However, after I submitted my Navy application, I also interviewed with NASA for an engineering position(just in case I didn't get the SNA slot)...
  15. Aceleo

    Navy Pilots max age limit increased to 32?

    My recruiter just called me yesterday telling me that the max age limit for Navy pilots got increased from 26 to 32. I was on the verge of getting too old to apply as a pilot but this comes as good news for me. I have been scouring the internet to find an official statement on this but couldn't...
  16. Aceleo

    USN Age problem with flight school

    Hi all, Due to some issues with depth perception and getting a LASIK afterward (6-month wait), my application for SNA was delayed about 2 years. But now I am almost ready. Soon I will be submitting my OCS packet for April 2nd board. I am only applying for SNA(Pilot). My scores are 55/7/7/6...
  17. B

    OCS Shipping on April 14th to Navy OCS (SNA)

    Hey everyone, I couldn't find anyone with a similar date time. Just seeing if there is anyone else headed to OCS at the same time. I'm going in for SNA. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  18. socalsomeday

    Path to becoming a pilot

    This is my first post here so please bare with me. I am aiming to commission through OCS as a pilot. I took the ASTB yesterday (59 6/5/7). My recruiter said that, unfortunately, the mimimums for SNA were recently upped and I am one point short (6/6/X). Since this was my second ASTB, he...
  19. M

    Pilot/NFO Board FY 19- Oct. 2, 2018

    Hello all, I am starting this thread for the Pilot/NFO board that will be taking place Oct. 2, 2018. This will be the first board for FY-19. I will post my stats below and welcome others to do the same, maybe we can get someone to start an excel sheet. Anyways, feel free to post questions...
  20. D


    ALCON, Below is a link to the Navy Recruiting Command's portal site; CAC Card required. Please make sure you select your "DOD EMAIL" certificate to gain access. https://mpte.navy.deps.mil/sites/nrc/n3/n31/SitePages/Home.aspx It is updated weekly and will help you stay up to date on any...
  21. D


    ALCON, Per Mr. Ted Williams, attached is the latest and greatest checklist. Apparently they have been submitting updates to NPC for the past 2 years but their inputs/requests have fallen on def ears. V/r, YNX(AW)
  22. Aceleo

    Got denied for Depth Perception

    I applied for a Pilot slot for the Air Force but I did not get one. Instead, I was offered a CSO/Navigator(NFO) slot for the Air Force. I was really happy to get that however deep inside I really wanted to be a Pilot. So I started my Navy SNA application process. During the process, I found out...
  23. derek.bane

    Podcasts or Audiobooks for OCS

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on podcasts or audiobooks that are strictly educational and aimed towards completing OCS and also the Naval Pilot Program. I saw there were a lot of suggestions about overall improvement (money plant, art of manliness, joe rogan experience, how I...
  24. derek.bane

    ASTB Exam Help - PLEASE

    Is anyone willing to share or sell their study materials if they have already passed their ASTB/OAR exams? I just quit my job and I am starting the whole process to become a US Naval Pilot. I sincerely mean it when I say that any help is appreciated. We could all work wonderfully together as a...
  25. B

    Uncorrected eyesight is too bad, could I get PRK before?

    Hello all, I am currently 18 and about to graduate high school. For the past couple years I have been working towards my dream, becoming an aviator in the military. Recently, I got an eye prescription and calculated my eyesight. I believe I have 20/40 in one eye and 20/80 in the other eye. I...
  26. jnaylor

    Chances of getting accepted?

    Hey everyone, first time posting here. I’m looking to join the Navy or Marines as a pilot. I just took the ASTB. Scored 66 for OAR and 7’s for the other 3 components. I obviously know that it’s a whole package kind of deal, but how competitive are those scores? I’m in for the Navy board meeting...
  27. dave02392

    The "all around" candidate

    Been seeing a lot of responses on both sides of the argument that the " all around" person and how that helps in pilot selection. Age: 25 Education: Currently 2nd semester of junior year. Economics major, Business minor. GPA: 2.7 Marine Corps prior enlisted 6153 CH-53E airframes (AM Navy rate)...
  28. Kevin leslie

    Questions about >PLC (Aviation Contract)

    Good afternoon, My name is Kevin Leslie I am fresh out of highschool and taking my first collage courses at a community collage before I transfer to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, (IACBE: Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business.) I had a uncle who was a NFO in the ea-6b...
  29. androgino

    Service Assignment 2017

    So my XO says that service assignments should be coming out earlier this year. Last year they came out on October 12th, and that was supposedly "late". Does anyone have an update? I'm so anxious.
  30. Yram Y.

    OCS I'm Worried that SNA/pilot is overmanned?

    I'll try to keep it short: I'm a college Junior; Chemistry major, Mathematics minor. I want to go to OCS after I graduate and become a Naval Aviator. I have not spoken to a recruiter, yet. My granddad was a Naval fighter pilot. I'm a NCAA D-2 athlete, athletic awards, scholar awards, >100...
  31. Ryan92Dallas

    Selection parameters

    Currently studying for the ASTB. My ASVAB scores are 76 and a 109 GT score. I recently took an OAR practice test without studying and got a 58. My GPA is 3.0, good shape and I have been in the Army for the past 7 years, no moral or legal issues, graduating next term. What are my chances for...
  32. S

    Nuke to pilot help

    Im 18 fresh out of high school got a 93 on my ASVAB. Signed for navy nuc back in June of 2016 set to ship April of 2017. I really want to become a pilot and officer. I thought the nuke pipeline could help get me there the quickest. I need some direction on what and when to apply to these programs.
  33. EAW94

    Marine Corps Flight Options

    I am currently a student at TBS and have a flight contract, so I will go to Pensacola following my graduation here. I was looking to get some information regarding the different flight paths available to me in the Marine Corps. I am recently married as well. I am open to each of the different...
  34. Justin Dowd

    10 March 2017 Pilot/NFO Board

    Hey Guys! Well the time has come. I have been on here for 2 years and now I finally get to apply for OCS. The 10 March 2017 board is the one I am going to apply for and was hoping to get to know some people that are applying for this board. I applied for STA- 21 in 2015 and I am sure I have met...
  35. L

    Who determines whether someone is flying as pilot or Co Pilot?

    This is a question I have been wondering for quite some time now. I haven't been able to find any answers on this topic. In a 2 person helicopter who determines whether someone is going to be a Co Pilot or Commanding Pilot? Is it determined by rank? Will the Co Pilot one day be able to become...
  36. Intrepid12

    What does it take to be a Navy Pilot?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this website. I am currently an aerospace engineering student who is about to start his sophomore year. I am looking to get some information about becoming a Navy Pilot. Something important to note is that I would be taking the OCS route. What type of...
  37. Dangle

    Question regarding contact lens and waivers

    I am sorry if there was a previous thread on this topic, I tried to search but was not quite satisfied with what I had read and I am in a bit of a panic mode. I will be getting LASIK this weekend, and I have been working with my recruiter on making sure I cover all my bases before having the...
  38. S

    LASIK, Naval Vision requirements, MEPS, and Eligibility

    I had a conversation recently with my recruiter. He decided to look into vision requirements for unrestricted line officers after I informed him that I was open to seeking a commission as a SWO. I already took the ASTB-E (and have fairly competitive scores with my GPA), plan on going to MEPS, am...
  39. Z

    High School Senior, Need Advice

    Hi everyone, first time posting here and I really need help. So some background, I've always been loosely interested in helicopters and planes because my dad was. We'd go to air shows but I never understood too much. I had planned to be a doctor after high school. That is, until a few weeks ago...
  40. H

    Sweet 360 degree video from F/A-18 cockpit

    Click this link on your phone (w/ accelerometer), and tilt it around during the video: Apologies if it's been posted here before. I searched but couldn't find it.
  41. Armitage

    SNA and Depth Perception

    Hello Everyone, Last night my recruiter dropped the bomb on me that I had been disqualified for SNA because I didn't score high enough on the Depth Perception test. This was pretty baffling to me but I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's not a mistake of some kind and try to move forward. I've...
  42. De Pol Watches

    NEWS Tailhook Watch

    For anyone interested in a great time piece that is functional and looks amazing please check us out! Built in USA with a Swiss movement, so you have the best combination of precision and craftsmanship. WWW.DEPOLWATCHES.COM. We currently have 2 models, the Tailhook and LSO. 20% off everyday to...