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  1. L

    Other Officer/Navy Opportunites

    Hello! I am needing some advice on what possible steps I can take towards achieving a career in international relations/foreign affairs. I am new to the Navy (have only been in for a little over a year) and I completed my Bachelors degree in Political Science this year. After completing it, I...
  2. W

    Anyone here interviewed for CWE? Tips?

    Greetings! I am graduating with a computer science degree from an approved school (NSA CAE). GPA is a 3.5. I currently a reservist in a different branch. I am retaking the OAR to get at least a 50 since I didn't study the first time and only got 45. Does anyone have any experience with the...
  3. T

    ASTB First attempt

    I took the ASTB for the first time this morning and scored the following: OAR: 48 AQR: 6 PFAR: 7 FOFAR: 7 I did not study an insane amount for this first attempt. I feel like these scores aren't bad for my first try. I would like to get the OAR score up into the upper 50s/ lower 60s. Any tips...
  4. C

    Jan 2021 CEC Board

    Anyone else applying to the CEC board (active duty/non-collegiate) in Jan 2021? I just wanted to start this thread to compare stats and to share updates. Major: Structural Engineering GPA: 3.2 FE/EIT: Pending (confident I will pass) Experience: Internships, currently work for the navy as a...
  5. D

    IWC Board MARCH-01-21

    What's up everybody. Just thought I'd create this thread to see if anybody else was trying for the IWC Board that convenes on March 1st, 2021. I take my OAR on December 2nd so hoping to get my package complete in time for it. I graduate in December with a BS in Information Sciences and...
  6. J

    Study Guide Help - OAR Math Portion

    Hello everyone, Currently, I'm studying to take the OAR soon at Great Lakes in June. I'm applying for the Surface Warfare program and my recruiter advise I should aim for a 50 at minimum. I've been searching for the best study materials of the math portion of the exam. I focused on reading...
  7. kashniz

    OAR- study tips

    Hello, I am on my last semester at university. I want to be an officer in the navy, so I will be taking the OAR in about a month. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to study? I am a social work a major so I have not taken a math course in about 3 years.
  8. derek.bane

    ASTB Exam Help - PLEASE

    Is anyone willing to share or sell their study materials if they have already passed their ASTB/OAR exams? I just quit my job and I am starting the whole process to become a US Naval Pilot. I sincerely mean it when I say that any help is appreciated. We could all work wonderfully together as a...
  9. abctotheabc

    OAR Online Study Resources (Free)

    So I just bought this book from Amazon which is an OAR Study Guide for 2018-2019. It came with a link to some useful stuff and practice tests online if anybody wanted. I'm studying for the test now hoping to take it sometime in late January and I've read through countless stuff on this forum so...
  10. E

    Not so good GPA. Do I still have a shot at going in as an officer?

    Hey, My GPA right now in college is not so great. I think it is at a 2.8 or so. Do I have to have a certain GPA before I can even be considered to go in as an officer? Or do you think if I can do well enough on the OAR/ASTB they will overlook my GPA? My other thought was this... If I don't...
  11. ichneumonidae

    OCS The Average OCS Supply Applicant

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is alright to post this. Mods, feel to remove if not. In my spare time I compiled this spreadsheet that outlines all of the application statistics from AirWarriors Supply OCS applicants (both non-prior and active duty) who have posted on the forum since 2014. I hope...
  12. Wiz


    HI, I am in a process of applying for the OCS, My recruiter told me to take the OAR with a minimum score of 50, however in other websites the basic qualifying score is 35 and 48 being competitive. I have been studying for the test, but don't have correct info about length, time limits, scoring...
  13. Robert Washington


    Hello all! I'm taking the OAR in a few weeks and was hoping to find some gouge to study from or does anyone know any hard copy books that I can buy to help me out. Thanks! V/r, Robert Washington
  14. M

    ASTB Tomorrow in St. Louis

    Hey everyone, Let me start by thanking everyone who's been posting information, scores, advice, etc. on the forum as it has me feeling very prepared for my own process. I've been reviewing several online study materials in addition to taking the free online ASTB exam offered through Peterson...
  15. Toastrules

    Going for Information Warfare. Have an idea of how to do it, am I correct?

    Hello all! New to the forum, got my account approved and I want to start asking questions ASAP because I'm graduating in about 2 weeks. I was finally able to contact a recruiter the other week and get him to get my phone number down and send me some paperwork. I told him what my objective was...
  16. A

    Competitive on Second Application?

    I have been reading through various posts trying to find some insight and while I've found some valuable help, I still have some questions. A little about me: Age 29, Female Bachelors in Education GPA 3.4 Masters in Education GPA 3.9 Five years teaching experience OAR score 54 Applying to IW I...
  17. JohnH

    ASTB Far Different than I expected

    A little about me first as this is my first post. I am an Army Intelligence Analyst, NCO, and college graduate. I am looking to better myself and advance my career by becoming an officer. I would have chosen to stay in the Army, but they like to impose ridiculous restrictions like age limits of...