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  1. L

    Other Officer/Navy Opportunites

    Hello! I am needing some advice on what possible steps I can take towards achieving a career in international relations/foreign affairs. I am new to the Navy (have only been in for a little over a year) and I completed my Bachelors degree in Political Science this year. After completing it, I...
  2. S

    BUD/s Drop seeking information on going to OCS

    Hello all, I enlisted in the Navy last year with the hopes of becoming a SEAL. Long story short, it did not work out the way I intended. Now I am on to my next goal; OCS. I seek to earn a commission in Intelligence. With that being said, I have a few questions. I have purchased an OAR study...
  3. G

    Chances of becoming an Intel Officer

    I am 28 years old next month and graduate college in the Fall. I will probably have around a 3.0 GPA which I know isn’t great but, there’s not much I can do to raise it at this point. I am prior service Army National Guard (15Y) and have been a Private Investigator for going on 5 years...
  4. camden76

    Questions about GPA in the Reserve DCO process

    So as you can read my question I have a question regarding GPA. So I am currently applying for a position within Intel but I am concerned about my 3.0 GPA. My recruiter does not seem too concerned since my both my undergrad and graduate degrees are in a STEM field (Cybersecurity). Additionally...
  5. xcinman

    OCS What can I do to better set myself up for the application process?

    What can I do to personally set myself up for a better chance to gain acceptance into OCS based on what I have done with myself thus far in my life. My interest is in Aviation, or potentially Intel. I am not dead set on a branch, so any advice there would be nice! While I know that there are...
  6. jason0231

    US Army Intelligence and Security Command is Hiring!

    Most positions are in the DC area. PM me if interested and I will send you the listings. Best, Jason
  7. HH-60H

    SPEAR is 30

    SPEAR, ONI's air warfare division, turns 30 this year. As part of the celebration we partnered with NHHC for a series of blog posts documenting SPEAR's history and current focus. http://usnhistory.navylive.dodlive.mil/2016/09/30/melding-operational-aviators-with-intelligence-introducing-spear/
  8. M

    DCO Intel Subdisciplines and Deployments

    Hello everyone! I'm newly considering putting in an application to the DCO Intelligence program with the Naval Reserves, but had a couple initial questions: What is the likelihood if selected, that I could be assigned to an intel unit specializing in Geospatial Intelligence and Imagery...
  9. M


    Does anyone know the quotas for Intel or Metoc communities the Navy is trying to fill for 2016?
  10. N

    Lateral Transfer from SWO to Intelligence

    Hello all, I am currently in the process of applying to be a Navy intelligence officer. My recruiter was straight up with me and warned me that my chances of getting intel are fairly low, given the nature of intelligence and the fact that I have no prior military experience. I have a B.A. in...
  11. K

    Coast Guard DCIO (Direct Commission Intelligence Officer)

    After trying a Navy Direct Commision board for Intel competing against over 300 applicants (only 14 selected) I decided to look around some more. A lot of my Navy friends suggested I try the Coast Guard. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised to find that the Coast Guard's...
  12. JohnH

    IW with intel experience

    I am beginning my packet for both IW and Intel in the next week. My OAR score is a little weak (46), but I come to the table already holding a clearance, and with 5+ years of intel experience from tactical units to theater level, including deployment to Afghanistan. I am currently an...