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Coast Guard DCIO (Direct Commission Intelligence Officer)


New Member
After trying a Navy Direct Commision board for Intel competing against over 300 applicants (only 14 selected) I decided to look around some more. A lot of my Navy friends suggested I try the Coast Guard.

I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised to find that the Coast Guard's Intelligence recruiting program had a much smaller playing field than the Navy.

I just completed my board for the USCG DCIO program in which only 8 people attended the board. Selection rates are also historically very high with the lowest over the last 5 years being 25% and the highest being 50%.

These numbers are probably inflated because the CG, unlike the Navy weeds out applicants who will not make the cut through more stringent application requirements. There is a pre-screening process which eliminates candidates before the board occurs. All requirements required documented proof on original copies (claim 3 years operational HUMINT experience; need documents proving you have it.)
  1. Age Limit: 41
  2. Must possess a CURRENT SSBI with SCI eligibility
  3. Completed BA in Intelligence or a STEM field. Others require pre-approval.
  4. Must pass standard Medical.
  5. Minimumof 5 DOCUMENTED years experience in HUMINT, CI, Cyber, Crypto. Others require pre-approval.
  6. Other standard military service requirements apply
Information on the USCG DCIO program can be found at USCG DCIO Program

The Coast Guard does offer DCO programs in other fields such as Engineering, Medical, and Legal as well.