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  1. Verity760

    OCS Application Test Scores Question AQT

    Hello everyone, possibly a dumb question here. I looked around on this site and google and couldn't find a definitive answer, but for those who have completed the OCS Application, on the "Testing Scores" section (18), on the second column there is a score section for "AQT," which after googling...
  2. E

    IWC Board Canceled, but package was already recieved.

    I applied for the September IWC board, my package was received and I was "medically cleared" to participate in the board. The board however, was subsequently cancelled and pushed to the already scheduled date of 04DEC2019 with a package due date of 18OCT2019. By that time I will have a new EVAL...
  3. D


    ALCON, Below is a link to the Navy Recruiting Command's portal site; CAC Card required. Please make sure you select your "DOD EMAIL" certificate to gain access. https://mpte.navy.deps.mil/sites/nrc/n3/n31/SitePages/Home.aspx It is updated weekly and will help you stay up to date on any...
  4. S

    OCS Advice and Expectation

    I plan on applying for NFO position and have the following pros and cons Pros: Significant Extra-curriculars in academic programs, non-profits and Community Service projects. Strong work experience on resume at a Law Firm and local college as a Speech and Debate Coach. Athletic and exercise...
  5. xcinman

    OCS What can I do to better set myself up for the application process?

    What can I do to personally set myself up for a better chance to gain acceptance into OCS based on what I have done with myself thus far in my life. My interest is in Aviation, or potentially Intel. I am not dead set on a branch, so any advice there would be nice! While I know that there are...
  6. K

    Withdrew OCS nomination

    Last year I was accepted to OCS as a SNA and given a start date. This came after lengthy waiver processes for my eyes and depth perception (after failing at MEPS). Flying was my dream, so I went to a handful of doctors to get their opinions on my eyes and almost all of them said I wouldn't have...
  7. Intel101

    OCS Additonal documents after application submission.

    Does NRC allow additional LORS/awards to be sent after you already submitted application prior to board commencing?
  8. Dangle

    Question regarding contact lens and waivers

    I am sorry if there was a previous thread on this topic, I tried to search but was not quite satisfied with what I had read and I am in a bit of a panic mode. I will be getting LASIK this weekend, and I have been working with my recruiter on making sure I cover all my bases before having the...
  9. C

    OCS Application Timeline

    Hi everyone, I just had a quick question as to what an average "timeline/step-by-step" would look like, from the very beginning to when you actually go to OCS. I've met with a recruiter, and they asked me basic questions about what I'd be interested in doing, and why I'm joining etc. I then...