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Your Mom is a Garbage Shore-Tour


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Every base has its upsides, downsides, lovers, and haters. A lot of it depends on where you are in your life and your interests. If you like backpacking and the great outdoors than Whidbey isn't bad. If youre a young single JO looking for love then SD may your place. If you're married with kids then looking to have a home in a good school district may make SD seem less appealing. A lot of Helo guys hate NOB but the jet guys fight get to Oceana. Some guys are terrified of going to Japan and others will never leave. Different folks, different strokes.
What if you want your list long and distinguished?


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Since this has been derailed to a Whidbey thread. Any great trail running recommendations for my TDY up there in April?

I'm only up there ~1 week and can probably only use the rental car once.


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Out of curiosity, how much of the processing are you doing in-camera and how much in post (for the videos)? Gear?


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Kind of a sidebar, but one of the best investments I made at the start of my career was a nice DSLR and zoom (75-300mm) lens.

Those immortalized memories are priceless.


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@nittany03 @Brett327 Great pics. But really, May thru August? SOME days over maybe a 4 month period? That makes it a fine destination, not a residence. I have relatives up on the Olympic peninsula and visited frequently as a child, detted up there on active duty and still make an occasional trip. The pictures don't lie, well except it isn't the whole story. Honestly, when was the last time you were happy with a purchase or other decision that satisfied you barely 25% of the time? For my money, most of the Northwest is someplace I visit to enjoy when it is worth it.

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@nittany03 @Brett327 For my money, most of the Northwest is someplace I visit to enjoy when it is worth it.
Great. That'll work out well for all parties interested.

Conditions are very different on the peninsula than on the mainland, than on the islands, than in north sound, than in south sound. To point to the Olympic peninsula and hold that up as a symbol of PACNW weather is foolish. Death Valley is hot(!), CA must be the worst!