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I also submitted my package before the application due date and never received a confirmation e-mail unlike you guys, so consider yourselves lucky! however, I talked to a processor and he said that after it's reviewed by medical as long as it's cleared, it should be good to be sent to the board... Hoping for the best.
How did you contact your processor


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My OR stated that traditionally the SWO results are published within a week of the board convening date. However, with the long weekend, I can only imagine that there will be a delay in processing results.

Fingers crossed for everyone and best of luck! Hopefully, we will all receive good news in a few days to a week.


My recruiter called me today to tell me that results will be posted next week. He also warned me that his colleague at a conference in Newport informed him that they are trying to get all accepted candidates to OCS two weeks after the results are posted. Here's hoping we can all be in Newport together soon!
Did he say what the reason was?

I got an email January 16th saying “your OCS application has been received and is in process for board consideration (SWO-11600).

That was from the fleet processor. I did not call him, I assumed that meant I was good. With all these people saying their package may not make it to the board I am a little nervous since I received that email so long ago.
So if you receive this email that states that your OCS application has been receive and is in process for board consideration, does this mean that it will go up for board?
My OPS officer confirmed my package was reviewed for monday’s Board. So I assume that is the official email for fleet applicants.
This is also exactly what I am assuming since the processor CC'd my Commodore, XO, and CCC on the email. But in my situation my degree would be conferred tomorrow and the email that I received also states that I will need to submit my final transcript showing conferred degree tomorrow. So I am wondering if my application will still make it for the SUPPO Board that convenes on 18 Feb.