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  1. Zequa

    Opting for Ground?

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge if opting for a ground contract in the process of the selection board for an air contract will make it more or less likely to actually be selected for air if the applicant is fully qualified? I could see it going both ways. They could value the fact that...
  2. Zequa

    Not Selected, Seeking Insight.

    The Selection board happened for OCS 238 and I wasn't selected for aviation, due to "decreasing aviation slots". Not here to waste your time, because there are many other posts on here from people from similar situations. Just seeking advice for what to improve on in hopes of getting selected on...
  3. A

    Primary Selection Data

    Im stuck in the pool with nothing better to do. Does anyone currently in Primary have any gouge on the current selection data for platform selection? I know it changes per each fiscal year, but i got nothing current. Most responses ::: 44% - gotcha
  4. bigbird


    Not sure what happened to our last thread but this is the re-upload. Here are the most important links: Stat Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1932vWQSoEgJg1xwH-HqnJ0WmPcm5ALAFmNCDOFd7e_c/edit#gid=0 Final Board Selection List:
  5. ajpurvis

    USN Chances of being selected as an F18 pilot

    I'm working on getting my application together for OCS (see my profile for details), but was curious about platform selection, when it happens, and what my odds are. From what I can gather it sounds like you find out what you'll be flying after API. I know you have a dream sheet but would like...
  6. socalsomeday

    SWO Board FEB19

    Hello all! I am starting a thread for those who are applying to the 11FEB19 SWO board because I did not find one already made. Please be sure to add yourself to the googledoc below so we can track who is selected. Good luck everyone...
  7. M

    The percentage of students that get jets.

    Disclaimer: I am not in the navy or any service as a pilot/aviator I have been lurking on these forums for a while while doing research on piloting careers and I came across several threads where someone asks about the percentage of students that get jets. Everyone without fail responds 42%. I...
  8. M

    Pilot/NFO Board FY 19- Oct. 2, 2018

    Hello all, I am starting this thread for the Pilot/NFO board that will be taking place Oct. 2, 2018. This will be the first board for FY-19. I will post my stats below and welcome others to do the same, maybe we can get someone to start an excel sheet. Anyways, feel free to post questions...
  9. D


    ALCON, Below is a link to the Navy Recruiting Command's portal site; CAC Card required. Please make sure you select your "DOD EMAIL" certificate to gain access. https://mpte.navy.deps.mil/sites/nrc/n3/n31/SitePages/Home.aspx It is updated weekly and will help you stay up to date on any...
  10. H

    V22 vs. Helo homelife

    Good day all, I am a USMC lt. with a wife and baby girl. I am trying to juxtapose the at home time for both selection pipelines, V22 and Rotary. Also, if anyone has any insight for V22, transferring over into civilian life vs. Rotary, that would be appreciated. V/R SNA
  11. Ryan92Dallas

    Selection parameters

    Currently studying for the ASTB. My ASVAB scores are 76 and a 109 GT score. I recently took an OAR practice test without studying and got a 58. My GPA is 3.0, good shape and I have been in the Army for the past 7 years, no moral or legal issues, graduating next term. What are my chances for...
  12. W

    Information About Selection

    I've been getting a lot of mixed feed back about timelines for selection notification for fleet applicants; some say two weeks, others have said up to three months from the convening date of the board. My board convened Nov 7th (Supply Corps) and it's been more than two weeks with no...
  13. M


    Does anyone know the quotas for Intel or Metoc communities the Navy is trying to fill for 2016?
  14. cottrouble

    OCS A whole lot of questions about OCS from a non-prior

    Quickly, here’s my background: Political science undergraduate (BS) from a well-known state school (think UCLA, Ohio State), worked my way through school, 3.1 GPA Went to work for Fortune 500 company, ranked 9th most promising co. in America by Forbes. Started as a consultant, moved up into two...