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  1. B

    Paths to aviation officer as current serving Army officer?

    Currently serving Army EOD officer here and I'm wondering what a possible path to being a pilot could be. I'm starting my fourth year and while I love EOD it is a bit of a dead end as the only real commands left would be an EOD company. I love EOD and wouldn't trade my time for anything but I...
  2. C

    October 2021 CEC Board

    Hey Everyone, I wanted to start a thread to connect with whoever else has submitted their package for the October 2021 CEC Board (Active Duty). I know I'm copying a thread from a year ago but I figured we could compare stats and share updates with each other as we wait to hear back in November...
  3. Zequa

    Not Selected, Seeking Insight.

    The Selection board happened for OCS 238 and I wasn't selected for aviation, due to "decreasing aviation slots". Not here to waste your time, because there are many other posts on here from people from similar situations. Just seeking advice for what to improve on in hopes of getting selected on...
  4. C

    16AUG2021 SWO Board

    May be jumping the gun on this thread. But it doesn't look like there is one. Please post stats and questions. Good luck everyone!
  5. W

    URL Boards Cancelled Until April?

    Good Evening, I have been working on getting to a SWO board for several board cycles now and my medical stuff just went through! I was told by my recruiter that there are is not going to be a February SWO board any longer? That they were shutting off the pipeline due to COVID concerns? I can't...
  6. E

    Supply Board 07 September 2020

    Hello All, Thought I would start a thread for this most recent supply board - I hope I'm doing this right. The last board took almost 8 weeks to get results, hopefully we will hear sooner than that! Does anyone know if the board met this past week? Best of luck everyone!
  7. KFC

    25May20 SNA/SNFO (Pilot/NFO) Board

    For anyone applying to the 25 May 2020 Pilot/NFO board, we will be using the Pilot/NFO 4MAY20 thread until further information is posted to confirm the date of the upcoming board. Upon joining, please add your information to our collective Google sheet, and welcome to the group!
  8. E

    IWC Board Canceled, but package was already recieved.

    I applied for the September IWC board, my package was received and I was "medically cleared" to participate in the board. The board however, was subsequently cancelled and pushed to the already scheduled date of 04DEC2019 with a package due date of 18OCT2019. By that time I will have a new EVAL...
  9. E

    Application did not get a "read receipt"

    I'm an active duty E6 applying to OCS for 1810 and 1830. I completed my package and sent the PDF to officerapplications@navy.mil. In the FAQ on the Navy's OCS page it says if you do not receive a "confirmation of receipt" to send the email again and also email ocsquestions@navy.mil. I did, and...
  10. A

    OCS Active Duty Enlisted to Commissioning

    Just got a really weird off the wall question. Is there a statistic selection rate for prior service? Like I know that 31 out of 72 got selected for supply during the February board, but out of that how many prior applied and got picked up. Just curious.
  11. Navy2007

    Time from a start to finish

    I love the ole “hurry up and wait” adage. I began this process in January 2017. If at first you don’t succeed keep trying right? I have been on only two boards since then. But I am hopeful that the SWO board I am on for 08 APR 2019 is it! How long have you been applying, waiting on MEPS...
  12. socalsomeday

    SWO Board FEB19

    Hello all! I am starting a thread for those who are applying to the 11FEB19 SWO board because I did not find one already made. Please be sure to add yourself to the googledoc below so we can track who is selected. Good luck everyone...
  13. socalsomeday

    05FEB19 SNA Board

    Hello all! I am starting a thread for all who are applying to the 05FEB19 SNA board because I did not find one already made. Please be sure to add yourself to the googledoc below so we can track who is selected. Good luck everyone...
  14. M

    Does anyone know if adding boards between those already scheduled is a common thing?

    My recruiter made a mistake and said I was eligible for the Immediate Select Boards with a score of 6/7/6/53, and a GPA of 3.4. It was not until I was searching forums weeks later did I notice that I was not eligible for this route. After I informed him of this issue he attempted to submit my...
  15. T

    Where to find IWC selection board info/statistics?

    I would like to find the info on professional recommendations to OCS. The facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Pers472/) seems to only have the info for March 2016 and December 2015. But I've seen people referencing more up to date stuff. Where can I find this info.
  16. abctotheabc

    14 MAY 18 SWO BOARD

    Since we're about three months out, I thought I'd start this board. Checking in for this. Packets are due April 6th.
  17. F

    SWO-IDC options?

    Hi everyone! I noticed in the most recent board schedule posted there is "SWO-IDC options" included in the Intel board. So I was trying to find more information on this because when I asked my recruiter, he had never heard of it and didn't think it was a thing. From what I have found just...
  18. BlackManta

    OCS Chances for INTEL/SWO/SNA/SNFO with Past History

    Hello. I'm exploring options in other military branches as an Officer, and had a specific question regarding the Navy. I unfortunately was dropped from Coast Guard OCS due to failure to complete the initial swim assessment. I had tried to up my proficiency prior to heading off to the Academy...
  19. D

    USN CEC Board

    I've been looking for something for the Navy CEC Boards and couldn't find anything so I'm creating this thread. Anyone with news to share can post. Also, with my continued research and education, hopefully someone can answer when I have questions.
  20. zack13usa

    NEWS Mid-Nov 2015 IDC Rolling Board

    I heard from my OR and Processing officer that an IDC rolling board predicted to take place around Mid Nov 2015. Stay put for more in the coming days prior to the board being convened.