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No more DCOIC?


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From a former active duty guy, I think its well worth it. We started really coalescing as a unit in mid-week 2. 3 more weeks would definitely sharpen good order and discipline, more so for the non-priors. The priors will have that reinstated/reinforced.


Pork Chop
I spent 8 weeks there over the course of 18 months. My wife used it as an opportunity to take the kids and visit her parents. It was basically a guaranteed vacation away from all parenting responsibilities, is it bad I looked forward to it?


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Looks like the shift to 5 weeks isn't the only change. After a couple months of NOSC visits and contacting POCs, I finally got my DCOIC requirement in NROWS on Friday (I've had my quota since December). I wasn't too worried since every officer I've spoken to on the matter said they didn't get their requirement until 3-4 weeks beforehand. My NOSC told me the same repeatedly. I filled that out and routed it, which requires another set of approvals (ie. more hurry up and wait).

Today I received notice that orders and funding for DCOIC must be completely approved 30 days prior to convene date, or else you will be dropped. Essentially, I have 2 more days for all approvals to go through or it looks like I'm not going until September. The administrative shenanigans and surprises never seem to end.

Spouses at home with small kids.
What happens if you get sent to the other side of the world for 9 months?