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  1. camden76

    Questions about GPA in the Reserve DCO process

    So as you can read my question I have a question regarding GPA. So I am currently applying for a position within Intel but I am concerned about my 3.0 GPA. My recruiter does not seem too concerned since my both my undergrad and graduate degrees are in a STEM field (Cybersecurity). Additionally...
  2. G

    No more DCOIC?

    Word is starting to trickle down that DCOIC is going away in October 19 and that new DCOs will attend the 5-week ODS instead. There is an agreement in the works to possibly allow reservists to complete the course in two chunks, but nothing is final there.
  3. Chance_EDO


    Hey everyone, My OR submitted my packet last week for FY 19. I heard the EDO Board met last week. My questions are: 1) Do you know how many applicants typically apply for the DCO spots? (ie is it like the Naval Aviator Board or other DCO boards where hundreds apply and only 1% or 10% of...
  4. Hail_HYDRA!


    Starting a new thread to get this going for FY 19!
  5. H

    PAO DCO Selection Board

    Asking for a friend that put in a package for PAO DCO - does anyone know if the most recent results came out yet? Thanks in advance
  6. W

    USN Long Wait for MEPS Prescreen?

    Hello All, I'd like some insight or suggestions in regards to getting past the MEPS prescreen phase of my application which has gone on for almost a year. First I'd just like to give a little insight to my situation. I am a recent college graduate applying for a Navy CEC DCO board in June. I...
  7. LT Rich Santos

    Actively seeking Reserve EDO/AEDO/AMDO/CEC

    I am a Reserve Officer Recruiter actively seeking candidates in the following designators: EDO AEDO AMDO CEC If you are interested, send me your resume and I'll take a look and if you are qualified I will work with you. When you e-mail me put Air Warriors (EDO/AEDO/AMDO/CEC as applicable)...
  8. M

    DCO Intel Subdisciplines and Deployments

    Hello everyone! I'm newly considering putting in an application to the DCO Intelligence program with the Naval Reserves, but had a couple initial questions: What is the likelihood if selected, that I could be assigned to an intel unit specializing in Geospatial Intelligence and Imagery...
  9. Mark I

    USNR IWC Interviews

    Hello All: New to the forum, but a long-time lurker. Have always appreciated how supportive and responsive everyone on here is and I was hoping those in the know might be able to provide some info from their own experiences about the interview process. I am scheduled to interview in late July...
  10. D

    DCO or enlist?

    Hi all, I have been thinking of joining the Navy for over a year now. I applied for active-duty OCS in my senior year in college, went through MEPS, but did not get selected. Now that I graduated from a 4 year university and have a steady full-time banking job, I have to take care of my family...
  11. fieldrat

    DCO Select; Waiting on COMDOCS

    Trying to make the days tick by a little bit faster, so I'm starting this thread. I'm sure others are also expectantly waiting on a call/email from their recruiter saying that commissioning documents in their name have arrived from Millington. I was selected for 1815-Information Warfare during...
  12. H

    1515 AEDO DCO gouge?

    A close friend of mine is considering applying for 1515 AEDO DCO. I am looking to give him some gouge, such as: When is the Board held? Is it held once or twice annually? How many candidates get "PRO REC Y 1515" on average per year? He's got what I believe are super competitive stats: 31 yrs...
  13. H

    FY16 IDC DCO Board (Jan 16)

    I heard it's still happening. Anyone applying?