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  1. G

    No more DCOIC?

    Word is starting to trickle down that DCOIC is going away in October 19 and that new DCOs will attend the 5-week ODS instead. There is an agreement in the works to possibly allow reservists to complete the course in two chunks, but nothing is final there.
  2. Chance_EDO


    Hey everyone, My OR submitted my packet last week for FY 19. I heard the EDO Board met last week. My questions are: 1) Do you know how many applicants typically apply for the DCO spots? (ie is it like the Naval Aviator Board or other DCO boards where hundreds apply and only 1% or 10% of...
  3. Hail_HYDRA!


    Starting a new thread to get this going for FY 19!
  4. O

    USN Questions about Direct Officer Commission as METOC Officer in Navy Reserve

    Hello Everyone - I am a 26-year old graduate student who just a finished a Master's Degree in Chemical Oceanography. I am about to start a PhD in Physical Geography for which I will be transitioning more into Physical Oceanography. I am interested in maybe commissioning as a METOC Officer in...