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  1. ACE#2

    Attrite to SNFO but wait, how?

    Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster, but here is my question? About a year back I washed out of as an SNA to got a program change to become an SNFO, but the form associated with attrition, a CNATRA 1300-1 , was never placed in my jacket. Also, I never met the Commodore. These are...
  2. A

    Primary Selection Data

    Im stuck in the pool with nothing better to do. Does anyone currently in Primary have any gouge on the current selection data for platform selection? I know it changes per each fiscal year, but i got nothing current. Most responses ::: 44% - gotcha
  3. A

    Pensacola Area: Gorgeous Rental in Gulf Breeze, great for API(NIFE)/Primary/RotaryAdvanced

    Anyone interested in renting a 3 BR/ 2BA in Gulf Breeze I have one available starting Feb 2021. Its a gorgeous home with a great patio, tons of storage, really close to the beach and in a neighborhood with a community boat ramp. The neighbors are amazing and we have loved our time here. Its in...
  4. Acejebriel

    Falling asleep while flying (Air sickness)

    I am a flight student in primary. Did or does anyone have issues with falling asleep while flying in the T-6? Mainly when going through turbulence or when doing sharp turns, during the break or the pattern in general, I start feeling very nauseous, sweating, and salivating. Instead of feeling...
  5. A

    Current Status with Flight School Detailing and Half BAH

    I have heard through the grapevine that because of COVID, most of the Primary Flight school orders are only getting authorized to Milton, regardless of preference. I am guessing that this is to reduce the amount of exposure from going through IFS, API and then transitioning to Corpus Christi...
  6. Ventus

    What did you struggle with? Top causes of washouts?

    I'd like to pose this question to Instructor Pilots or anyone in the know. What are the top reasons for failures or washouts in flight school? I know I shouldn't be "planning for failure" or anything like that. I'd just like to see if any of the reasons are things I can strengthen before I...
  7. Charles T. Moore

    Aviation Pipeline as of 2019

    Howdy, all. I am currently in phase IV at TBS and set to graduate on April 24th. I have started to look for housing and such down in Pensacola but we are hearing some scuttlebutt that IFS is shut down for the fiscal year as of late February this year due to budget issues. I was just wondering if...
  8. Hammer10k

    Consolidated Advice for Primary

    Just finished Primary and wanted to consolidate the advice I got from the Sirs and Ma'ams on Airwarriors, past threads, IPs, students in the pipeline, etc. Part I – Pre-Primary Read “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Josh Foer if you’re a reader. It’s about memorization. The better you are at...
  9. Hammer10k

    Any Repercussion for Items Not Graded?

    Noob question, but I had a required item not graded (In-Flt Checks/Fuel Management) during a Sim event. Is there any repercussion for this? Math checks out for my score between MIF and total marks. It's been a few sim events since and I know I've got a random hold on my account. If this is the...
  10. sharkbait1

    1 Bed avail 7/1 in a 3BR House - Milton, FL

    Looking for a 3rd roommate in our 3 bedroom house in Milton, FL starting July 1st. The house is near Whiting Pines off base housing and is only a 15 minute drive to Whiting main gate in the morning. Close to multiple grocery stores and Walmart/Target etc. We are both in HT advanced, and can...
  11. H

    V22 vs. Helo homelife

    Good day all, I am a USMC lt. with a wife and baby girl. I am trying to juxtapose the at home time for both selection pipelines, V22 and Rotary. Also, if anyone has any insight for V22, transferring over into civilian life vs. Rotary, that would be appreciated. V/R SNA
  12. Hammer10k

    Good Apartments on Padre Island?

    Hoping to update the old Corpus threads. Any good apartments on Padre Island? Fair rent, good space, beach access, manageable commute. Thanks!
  13. M

    Primary Flight Question?

    Good evening all, I was wondering if anyone knows the policy for pinks sheets before PRB/Drop, specifically for marines at NAS Whiting Field (Primary Flight)? I know in API it is two and out (no exceptions), curious if the policy stands though the rest of your training or just in API. Any word...
  14. manderson010

    Roommate wanted in Milton

    Hey, all! We're looking for another roommate with whom we can split rent. My roommate and I are renting a huge house in Ashton Woods, Milton, FL. If you're going to be stationed at NAS Whiting Field, hit us up! Rent is $410 plus utilities. Shoot me a message or call/text (330.749.1762). -15...
  15. KnuckleBuster

    Dope ass 3bed/3bath apartment for rent by UWF

    Are looking for a borderline-luxurious apartment with a location to match? Look no further friend, you've found it. Located in the sprawling Kings Mill apartment complex on N Davis Hwy. It is situated halfway between NAS Pensacola and Whiting, with a quick and entertaining (floridiots can't...