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Dope ass 3bed/3bath apartment for rent by UWF

Are looking for a borderline-luxurious apartment with a location to match? Look no further friend, you've found it. Located in the sprawling Kings Mill apartment complex on N Davis Hwy. It is situated halfway between NAS Pensacola and Whiting, with a quick and entertaining (floridiots can't operate any heavy machinery besides their sisters) 30 minute drive to Whiting. You will enjoy sought after amenities such as:
-3 spacious bedrooms, each with walk in closets (it is tough to find 3 bedroom units)
-Fireplace for those cold winter days in the land of endless summer
-Pool and hot tub to get your splash on
-Screened in patio to sip your OE on
-2 bathrooms with nearly clog proof johns
-Washer/dryer hookups (no washer and dryer but thats what craigslist is for)
-Quiet and spread out community with optional garages and carports
-Close by UWF and their fauna (also down the street from Chik-fil-a, Panda, Pubix, Target, Chancies neighborhood bar)
-Quick 15 minute drive to the Syphilis Quarter and McGuire's ($15 uber back)
-And last but certainly not least, situated down the street from a 5-star rated waffle house on yelp

Available starting at the beginning of April. Rent starts at 1180/mo but I will split the first months rent if rented in April. PM me if interested.


I have been looking for somewhere dope ass to live for a while now. Can't be luxurious, only borderline please. Can I come by to determine if your shitters are in fact un-cloggable? Thanks
He had me at Waffle House.


Super Moderator
I'm sure you have great luck with the UWF chicks by referring to them as "fauna." :rolleyes: