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Top Gun 2


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Angry, please note that Max’s context in viewing the original flick is that of the Russian military, where, and I’m not being facetious, downed equipment and design failures resulting in fatalities do not raise one’s hackles as being tragic. Max/GRU dudes, sorry for being indelicate.

On another note, I recall one book, One Soldiers War by Arkady Babchenko, which is a pretty raw view of how Ol Vlad’s not-quite-all-volunteer force functions (or doesn’t! I won’t post spoilers, but it’s about Chechnya, so..). Interesting read.

Max, whatcha think about the 2020 election?! Or is that not your department? More FSB than GRU?

Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
Guys you're crazy. Bacevich whom I quoted is an American Army officer! It's about your interservice rivalry, and not the fact you know I'm on the other side of the globe.
But ok: a couple of years before TG, namely 1983, there was Soviet movie "Torpedo Airmen", all about 1943 in Arctic waters where Soviet torpedo-bombers tried to hunt on Nazi coastal convoys. A slaughter in the sky each time and fucking frozen hell on the land, with lost children and cheating women, with black snow, with fear and top grass' indifference. The war as it is. And though they had hit some vessels, all in vain - Gerries will send them again, and soon all the main cast characters will die in the flaming bombers. But they at least tried as the film showed. In reality, all 134 aerial torpedoes dropped by Soviet torpedo-bombers in 1943 over there scored no hits at all...
The Soviet recruiting movies of those times were presented by a pair of "blue beret" blockbusters - they're selling airborne assault forces. And I've bought but found out being too tall for this Army service:(
Yet again, TG became available here on VHS in 1988 when Commies were at death's door and people took it rather kinda sport/competition story than something about war...
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Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
More FSB than GRU?
FSB is LEA, GRU is military branch. Never kidding the former and full speed ahead with the latter, they're dumb enough. BTW, in USSR there was only serious organization picking cadre in the way similar to US military - i.e. mostly from civilian colleges (via OCS and NROTC in US case and special schools here, respectively): the KGB. It had the only college level edu installation for both agents and LEA officers - Highest School in Moscow, uniformed, roughly similar to US service academies, but its alumni counted of just about 20% of all KGB officers. The main officers body of KGB (except for pure military branches, i.e. Border Protection Forces and Coast Guard) stemmed from civilian universities, just like someone known as Vladimir Putin:D and almost all his junta members

Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
But there was plenty of shit that went wrong in the movie if you paid attention.
Yes, right. To me it's fair enough and I personally took TG with delight. Honestly I'd rather explain Bacevich's opinion by pure envy - tanks (and average Army equipment either) and their crews are always stained with dirt, oil and fuel and generally Army life is so far from sexy and cool images created by TG:D Pics below just to compare:p