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IRR Courses in a CAC only world...


Thought I would update on this thread.

2) Complete JMO via War College on line. It's a grind and expect to have to perform at a graduate level. But the points are great ROI and the material is infact very interesting.
What's the deal with JPME courses? The 25 Oct 15 listing does not show any points for S&W, TSDM, or JMO


Depending on which method of JPME (FSP, CD, online, or combination) will determine how many points you receive; the greater the hours required for completion, the more points you earn in keeping with 1pt/4hrs. You learn the same thing in each of them, just the depth, length, and intensity of the course varies. Personally, I really enjoyed the Fleet Seminar Program and think I learned a lot more than if I took the other versions, but that's me and what I was looking for.


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1) Beginning S&W in October & should complete in Feb. I'll keep grinding it out.
2) New course list just hit the street. JKO is not on the list. See "Correspondence Course Review" thread for more detailed info.

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The points listed for courses on the NRTC site have been updated (downgraded) and now match the actual points you will receive as noted on the PERS course list.