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IRR Courses in a CAC only world...

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
Howdy folks. I'm new to the IRR and thought I'd start on this years points only to find that NKO and BOL are now CAC only. This is problematic for IRR types. The NPC Site recently posted this on the subject, but does anyone have any visibility on when they will get the access issue resolved?

NPC info below:


1. Current changes you need to know. All personnel in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) - Active Status Pool (ASP) will be impacted by the recent implementation of Department of Defense (DoD) mandated cyber security measures. A growing number of DoD sites are now only accessible via a Common Access Card (CAC). This includes BUPERS Online and Navy Knowledge Online. The Department of the Navy (DoN) is currently awaiting a DoD engineered solution that will support existing IRR participation requirements.

The Individual Ready Reserve Annual Screening which was formerly found on BOL can now be accessed at:

Individual Ready Reserve Annual Screening (NAVPERS 1080/3)

In order to successfully view and record your responses on this "fillable" PDF document, ensure you are using Adobe Reader 9.1 or higher. This unencrypted form may be transmitted via e-mail to: PERS-9_Muster@Navy.mil or submitted via conventional mail to: Navy Personnel Command, ATTN PERS 93, 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-9000. Mailing is encouraged since it provides the best protection for your personal data, and any responses deemed sensitive. The use of a facsimile (fax machine) is not a secure means to transmit your personal information, and is not recommended. If documents must be faxed, a Privacy Act Data Cover Sheet (DD form 2923) must precede your annual screening. You must contact an IRR Counselor at 1-800-535-2699 to request the PERS-93 fax number and also to verify receipt. Data provided will be processed into the Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (IMAPMIS) using the date of submission as the effective date of compliance.

For access to your Annual Retirement Point Record/Annual Statement of Service History, please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC.

2. Organizational structure. The Navy Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) is a force that consists of personnel who must fulfill their Military Service Obligation (MSO) under Title 10, United States Code, 651, members fulfilling a service obligation incurred via contract.

The IRR is subdivided into the Active Status Pool (ASP) and the Volunteer Training Unit (VTU). The ASP is a manpower pool consisting of individuals who have previously served in the active component or in the Selected Reserves (SELRES) and now serve in a non-pay, non-drill status. NAVPERSCOM (PERS-93) is responsible for ASP screening and management. The VTU consists of personnel, organized into units, who serve in a non-pay, drill requirement status. Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSCs), under the cognizance of NAVRESFORCOM, are responsible for the continual screening and management of their attached VTUs.

Questions may be directed to IRR_Counselor@navy.mil


So no $hit there I was
Consider yourself lucky that you dont have to use the worst website designed since my sister had her own geocities page.
Have you tried posing your questions to IRR_Counselor@navy.mil ?
Good luck. You need to call, and call about 3 more times before you hit the jackpot and get somebody who knows something w/IRR_Counselor@navy.mil. Unless you ask a yes/no question, the YN3 manning the helm will half-ass answer a portion of your first question and call it a day. When you write back (kissing A$$, btw), you get nothing.

To the OP, you can still the NETC courses (which are actually better, IMO). You can also get a marinenet account and you're still able to do those online (you'll have to fa...mail in the "diplomas" for those".

Also, if you're at all near a NOSC, you might be in luck. I called my local NOSC, and they were more than happy to let me take my official photo for the promotion board, view my record on somebody's screen there, and the XO even offered to help my CAC certificates updated so I could come in and do NKO courses and check things myself.

If you don't want to MOB but don't mind going in, I'd got Voluntary Training Unit (VTU). If you can't take boredom and insanity of drill weekends anymore (I can't), you can't get plenty of points other ways. Naval Academy Blue & Gold Officer has been awesome for me, so has Funeral Honors duty. Both make you feel like you're actually contributing, rather than just wasting one weekend a month at the NOSC. I'm also using my time in the IRR to get JPME I done, which is 48pts per each of the three courses.

As far as your original question, if you're willing to spend a day or two to get it set up, you should be able to go to your closest NOSC, get your CAC certificates updated, get a card reader (or buy your own), and then get on at home. Every time I've tried this, it's taken H-O-U-R-S..., but maybe it's worth it for you. Good luck.

Oh, rather than calling it "IRR", I'm trying to start a grassroots movement to call it the "Strategic Reserve". Feel free to jump on board with that.

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
I actually do have a NOSC nearby and I flew in the same unit as their CO on active duty. I met her once and she's pretty solid, so...I think that is some great advice VXC961. Thanks. I will still report back my findings if the IRR Counselor decides to get back to my emails.
Still no word from IRR Counselor...
Yeah, irr_counselor@navy.mil is sort of like the door close button on an elevator...except the elevator door will eventually close. I've actually called Pers-912(I think that's it?) a few times, and once got a civilian that actually took the time to pretty-much answer my questions, then lecture me on why I was in the IRR. "Come on, what is it? Can't do the PRT anymore?? Can't make body-fat standards???".

Anyway, BUPERS lack of interest in my career has forced me to get smart on a lot of this stuff, so feel free to PM with any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer the best way to be successful in the IRR.

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
vxc961 thanks. thanks and already I pm'ed you. I have a good plan, but looking to make it better. I have local resources at the NOSC right here in my hometown so I can facilitate some run around. It's amazing how many people know so little about the IRR. Active Duty doesn't know anything about SEL-RES much less the IRR. SEL-RES still doesn't know about the IRR. The only folks who know anything about the IRR are people actually in the IRR! This doesn't seem hard and I think I"ve cracked the code, but any guidance, insight and answers to questions is appreciated. Thanks for the PM offer.

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
Last update regarding IRR-Counselor...they don't know anything. I talked with the help desk at NKO if they are going to reenable the username&password and they don't know anything either. I talked with the help desk at this site:
https://www.sas.cnet.navy.mil/Login/SASLogin.aspx?redirecturl=https://www.courses.netc.navy.mil/default.aspx since they still have the user name and password option, but it doesn't work anymore, and they don't know anything. However, they said they're very aware of the problem it has created for folks. But they still had know idea if a solution was in the works. So...if anyone else learns anything, please feel free to update.

Kind regards,

I talked with the help desk at this site:
https://www.sas.cnet.navy.mil/Login/SASLogin.aspx?redirecturl=https://www.courses.netc.navy.mil/default.aspx since they still have the user name and password option, but it doesn't work anymore, and they don't know anything.
1)call them back. The NETC site now uses some whammy-unique ID, which we IRR guys don't know. So if you're accounts active, you hit the "I don't know my unique ID", then you enter SOC, Name, DOB and it lets you with that stuff.
2) Set the calendar on your phone to remind you to log in every two weeks. If you don't log in every thirty days, it disables your account.
3) yes, IRR_counselor knows nothing. NETC help desk knows nothing. SELRES knows nothing. The terrorists have almost won...
4) figure out when your reserve anniversary year is; just make sure you have 35 pts before that date comes up.
5) You can still get a marinenet account--no CAC required there yet. I think I had the Army's version (ako, I guess?). I remember it being impossible to navigate, but maybe it's worth a shot?
6) Go to the Naval War College site, click on Distance Learning (I think you have to be an O-4 select to take these), then see if it's worth signing up for JMPE1. Three courses, 48pts each. You can space them out so you get 48pts per anniversary year. As a bonus, when you're up for promotion it's a decent excuse to say "I went IRR so I could focus on obtaining JPME 1". I say "decent", because I think as far as the promotion board's concerned, there is no good excuse for being in the IRR.

Good luck! Strategic Reserve Forces unite!

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
1) Still calling and emailing the help line. I will not be ignored.
3)Sad but true...
6)I'm kinda in the Air Force Staff College One right now...I only did the introduction. Not sure if they've dis enrolled me yet or not. I can say with reasonable certainty that I'll be doing JPME through the War College. I do know people who have promoted in the IRR. I'm an O-4 already, with my first look at O-5 in March...I have excellent FITREPs, an MBA but no JPME. We'll see. Chances are slim, but not zero.

Strategic Reserve Forces...hells yeah baby!

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
Okay. I submitted my application yesterday for web enabled JPME Phase I through the Naval War College. As mentioned previously, they do not require CAC to participate. NWC is a stand alone .edu domain that uses username and password. I heard back this morning from the program manager and I've been accepted. That was FAST! So...looks like I'll get three more good years through NWC which will take me to 17. I'm like the pit bull hanging onto a rope. And then the rope gets lifted into the air...I'm going to just keep hanging on. You can kick me out like a dog, but I refuse to quit.

Sam I am

Average looking, not a farmer.
Thought I'd update my progress for anyone following this thread.

I'm enrolled in Naval War College for JPME Phase I and in the queue for one of the modules. If you're counting on this for anniversary year stuff...be careful as there is a waiting list for each course. It's about 6 months wait time to get in a module AFTER your accepted into the program. Once you've started one modules you'll have priority for the remaining two. Modules range in length from around 15-20 weeks.

Other stuff:

Get a NETC account and MarineNet account. Start banging out points. Go to the IRR Course Review Thread...go stuff there.

I can't reiterate enough what everyone else said though: get smart on this stuff ASAP if you're going to pursue this career option. It's not terribly hard, but requires some time, dedication and perseverance. Also, no one gives a shit about you except you. Don't forget to take care of your shit. Set up alarms in Outlook or on a virtual calendar...whatever it takes. There are a lot of options out there...quitting just happens to be the easiest. Don't give up.