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The Eyes have it - All things Vision-related

So if I was already cleared by MEPS for my physical on everything but my vision, would I be able to go back just for a retake of the eye exam? My recruiter had informed me that going back to MEPS was unnecessary.


Making Recruiting Great Again
you would need to see if your recruiter could work something out with the local MTF, but that can sometimes take months.
When it comes to MTFs, seems like Air Force is the worst. Two different NRDs, 3-4 Air Force Bases/Clinics in my AOR and none of them agreed to physical. Army is hit or miss. Seen some who have no problem and others where they won't allow civilians. Navy has been good for the most part, just depends on who the Clinic/Hospital CO is.


Noise, vibration and harshness
Can't see how it would be. It's analogous to a bruise. As long as there is no underlying disqualifying condition that caused the visible hemorrhage, I don't see a reason to even disclose it.