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The Eyes have it - All things Vision-related


Hey Docs, I greatly appreciate any feedback.

So I am PROREC Yes for SNA. I got a PQ last November from NAMI and attached it to my package. While waiting to attend OCS, NAMI said they wanted more information about my lattice degeneration. (My medical record showed minimal scarring and thinning of my left retina) To provide more information to NAMI, I was referred to a doctor out in town and he says I'll need laser surgery to fix the lattice degeneration within a month. Will this be Dis-Qualifying? My retina isn't torn, doesn't have tears or holes but is "thin" according to the doctor.

The Navy Aeromedical Reference and Waiver guide seems to say this is waiverable with surgery and followups, but I wanted to hear a doc's opinion. I should also note that I'm Active Duty enlisted, in case that changes anything.


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The "Need to fly" one is a trick question. The correct answer is: "Ebola."