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Should I stay or should I go? Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love HSC.


Livin' On the Right Side of the River From Pags!
Perhaps, although it wasn't a new doctrine or concept in 1939 either.
True, it is just an unusual use of the term in this case. But that is just an opinion and we all know their actual value!

Max the Mad Russian

Hands off Ukraine! Feet too
Ansсhluss? Guys, the Crimea was infested with pro-Russian people from USSR fall. One and Only reason there wasn't full-scale shooting in Crimea 2014 is that most Crimean people supported invasion, including the families of Ukranian military personnell. Sevastopol was not only Russian city historically, it also maintained in 1991-2014 rented Russian Black Sea Fleet main base, a lot of Russian officers got the flats and houses there after retirement, both their salary while in service and their pension upon retirement were way higher than those of Ukranian Navy. Families lived there constantly. Besides, Ukranian powers for all 23 years spent almost nothing to rise the living wage and to develop the Crimean cities and towns, while Russians built a lot of blocks there, primarily in Sevastopol and Simpheropol. Russians bought Crimea for 90% and assaulted it for only 10% the rest. Thus Ansсhluss.
Another Ukranian military now on Russian service? VADM Serge Eliseev, former commandant of Sevastopol main Base of Ukranian Navy, now deputy commander of Russian Baltic Fleet.
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