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  1. P

    Impacting my future chance?

    I recently applied for SWO and SNA. I was picked up for SNA, but not SWO. While I understand this selection is an incredible opportunity, I have to consider all of the options. I applied to grad school and was recently accepted into my dream Masters program. I am wondering if it would harm my...
  2. Z

    OCS Navy Intel Chances

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what are my chances of being picked up for Intel. My stats are as follows: 24 year old male 3.66 GPA for bachelors degree (UVA & a CC) Major: Government 52 OAR score LOR: 1) A U.S. Congressman 2) My former boss Leadership experience: Was promoted to deputy...
  3. H

    I know no one can know for sure but...

    I recently put in my packet for Navy OCS and the board for Naval Aviators meets the beginning of May. I know that no one can guess the outcome of the board but I just wondered what you all think my chances are. My info is as follows: ASTB-E OAR 64 PFAR: 9 AQR: 8 FOFAR: 7 College GPA: 3.79...