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My Latest Purchase (or just pictures of your current guns)

mad dog

former champion of Mattel Electronics Auto Race
It has to be the most pristine/barely shot Gen 3 G17 I have ever seen. And literally has everything intact from "box and papers". Surely it’s worth $150!
Yeppers...I’ll give you $150 for it! 🤡


Well-Known Member
This is my Polymer 80 9mm build - with a threaded barrel. Shoots like a Glock. At best a novelty because I cannot ever sell it. (Did sell my Glock 19 Gen 4 safe queen to a fellow AW - thank you btw).

Does not have the fit and finish of a factory Glock but it functions well and is accurate. A holster solution is not easy to come by however.

I borrowed a friends Gemtech .45 can and it worked fine.



VS NFO. Blue and Gold Officer
Super Moderator
P365. What kind of trigger? Is that striker fired without the first stage hingy thing, or old fashioned double action?


Rockets Up
Even though I'm a bit of a Glock fan boy I really want to like the P365. I have medium sized hands but for some reason the P365 is a terrible fit for my grip. I think it's a fine weapon but I'll be sticking to my G43 and G43x I guess. I've got a S&W Shield Gen 2 on the way. (couldn't resist for $299.00 for the non safety model) Maybe that will provide a little variety.