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My Latest Purchase (or just pictures of your current guns)


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Since the self f defense thread is dead and an attempt to revive two years ago met with crickets, I'll post this here. I think it fits since the net result of the story is spending some father son bonding time shopping for a gun .

Last night my unarmed 24 year old son repelled an armed car jacking or kidnapping of his vehicle, with girl friend along. It was 2215 in a well lit grocery store parking lot in an upper middle class neighborhood. They had finished shopping and just gotten into his truck. He had started his truck and was taking his phone out of his pocket when he hears the back right door open. He looks over his seat and a guy with a gun and tattoos all over his face (I know, central casting) is trying to get into the back seat. My son is a lacrosse coach and had the back seat full of lax gear. He spins around lets go with his loudest war cry and screams get out and punches him in the face a couple times. The guy keeps trying to crawl over the lax gear with his left hand and holds the gun in his right close to his chest like in a retention position. My boy carries a fire extinguisher and thought about going for it, but didn't want to take his eyes off the guy. When the guy looked down for a hand hold my son clocked him a couple more times and tried to push him out. That is when the guy gave up, and backed out. During the melee my son's knee hit the key and turned off the truck. He spun back around and tried to drive away. When he couldn't move the shifter out of park and was getting no engine response it threw him for a loop. He said is felt like 10 minutes to realize what had happened before he started the car and drove off.

Just a few of his thoughts. He used to always tactical park. He has gotten sloppy and usually doesn't now, just like last night. He has read Gavin De Becker and grown up hearing nuggets from me about thinking defensively and hearing stories about the LE critical incidents that make up his mom's cases. He had OC spray from when he valet parked cars late into the night in a nightclub district. Did not have it. He heard voices talking loudly in another car a couple spaces over when they parked and he saw 3-4 guys in the car. He admitted the hair went up on the back of his neck, but forgot about it just about as fast. Just after he got in his truck they backed out and had their headlights on his truck. But he turned his attention to his phone all the while chatting with his girlfriend. Oddly, after the car jacker retreated to the car, waiting with door open, they didn't peal out. They sat there while my son made his escape and was still there when he exited the parking lot and looked to see if they were pursuing.

My thoughts. He knows better. But like most of us it is hard to stay alert all the time. I don't. Even though he does know better, he doesn't day dream what ifs or train mentally. Still, he did well. He did not hesitate to act when the actual threat presented itself. He most certainly did not go into "black". He was pretty observant and his mind was working throughout the whole encounter, considering options and taking tactical advantage when he saw it. Even when his truck didn't respond when he expected it to, he didn't panic and figured it out, probably in seconds though predictably it seemed longer to him.

Now he wants a defensive gun. He is a great shot. He shoots all of my guns. Although he has a shotgun gifted for hunting, I didn't want him to have a handgun when he had college roommates. I have given his older brothers handguns. He lives alone now and is very responsible. He took a class a buddy teaches a few years ago too. I got him to pull it out of zone five AB so we can work on this together. He hadn't thought about the pros and cons of carry styles, holsters, presentation, his lifestyle and dress, weapon security, calibers, etc. That is my idea of "the talk".

Be safe out there guys. Be alert. We had one AW member shot in his own garage years ago ( he is ok if you don't know the story). There really is no safe neighborhood. The bad guys commute too. If you don't know just a little bit about criminal predator behavior, learn. Your brain is the best weapon.