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Correspondence Course Review


Marine Corps enlisted here. The approved course list for NON-Marinenet courses is written/modified by someone at Manpower and Reserve Affairs each year. Meaning it can and does change at the start of each fiscal year. I've seen it shrink drastically regarding approved courses, but the command and staff courses don't seem to change. Who knows what it'll be when you are looking at it for your last two years though. I've attached last year's.

If you want this year's you've got to contact Manpower and Reserve Affairs because they post the approved courses here, but you need some sort of access to download them. In the past I've simply emailed the POC (Sergeant or Captain) on the page from my civilian email address and they emailed me up with the latest files.

One more thing, before you charge forward and start knocking out approved courses, be sure to read the note at the bottom of the excel tabs that say things like "Note: Only personnel assigned to NEPLO billets are eligible to receive retirement points for completing Emergency Management Institute independent courses.", because they will NOT give you points if you are ineligible.
Copy. Thanks for the head's up. I actually received the list from Manpower about two months ago of the currently approved courses. Guess I'll have to just wait and see what is available when that time comes.


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Newbie here. Does anyone have gouge on the FY 20 courses that do not require a CAC card? I sent in the trouble ticket to PERs912 and have not heard back. I have 19 qualifying years, went med down year 20 so to speak. I have to get one more good year to get out of this thing! I have been told funeral duty, VTU, ADT are all possibilities and that they can't or maybe won't kick me out after 19 good years (8 active, 7 SELRES, 4 in the IRR) Still med down from my civilian job too, looking for easiest way out to finish this while dealing with med problems (one less thing to worry about!). Thank you for any advice!