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FY20 Oct. 28, 2019 SNA/NFO Board


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My OAR is relatively low compared to everyone up here, hopefully, my LOR, EVAL, and Interviews can compensate that. Best luck to every's kit! May our paths come across down the road!

School: Saint Leo University, Major: Marketing GPA: 3.37
ASTP 49 6/6/6
Prior Enlisted: ABH2 Jan 2011- Jun 2019
LOR: 1. (O-6 1310) 2. (O-6 1310) 3. (O-6 USAF Retired) 4. (O-5 Security Officer)
PAST 5 EVAL: EP (#1), EP(#2), MP(transfer), EP(#2), EP
Interview Appraisal Sheet: 1. (10, LCDR 1310) 2. (9, LCDR 1310) 3. (8. Major 7523, USMC)
Applying: SNA
read some of the other threads, with aviation the number one thing is selecting people with the best chance to get through flight school which is looking at the ASTB, LOR's Evals, and interviews rarely ever get looked at, and if you have an application where they need to get looked at the results will probably not be favorable as that often means there is a waiver in your application.


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I feel like I am taking them, everyone seems surprised I don’t have to wait. And my recruiter is the only one telling me I don’t have to wait 6 months
Did you do anything when applying for the last board to confirm how your package was in fact going to be in front of the board?