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What NRC considers competitive


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I don't envy the investigator that would have to do your background check, assuming you get that far. Unfortunately your prior investigation with the FBI doesn't really mean anything and just because you were found to be favorable to them doesn't mean it will happen with the DoD.

You say it's your childhood dream to serve but looking at your background you've basically done every non-military thing possible with your education and work experience. Just wondering why join now at 40? There were quite a few people in my OCS class (females) that were all running away from a divorce and trying to re-invent themselves by joining the military. Just be honest with yourself about why you are joining. OCS is not friendly to 40 year olds... I know because I went when I was 39. Either way, good luck!
Thanks a lot for your input. You are correct, I have almost done everything else, except military. But, now having seen and done everything else....serving for the greater good is the only thing left do. I have seen ups and downs in my life...seen a lot of money....but now....I really want my life experiences and technical knowledge to be put to good use. Also, I am single (divorced)....so I am more focused and open to open changes. As you can see already from my background and the places where I have lived, I am very adaptive.

Lastly, I never want to stop learning new things, I like to work on new things/new projects...I love change...doing repetitive things is monotonous and frustrating. Hence, I am looking forward to become Naval Officer.

Hope it works out!

Thanks again for your constructive criticism!!


I've done a few interviews and LORs in the last couple years, and I'm hearing some crazy-good PST/GPA/et al numbers. Was wanting to hear it from someone in the recruiting world.


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I've done a few interviews and LORs in the last couple years, and I'm hearing some crazy-good PST/GPA/et al numbers. Was wanting to hear it from someone in the recruiting world.
pretty much need to get sub 10 on the run and max everything else, and EOD has done some interesting things in the past 10 years including only taking those that were prior EOD, sometimes only looking at those that are prior EOD and still AD or reserves, they want to minimize chance of someone getting picked and then dropping.


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Great post, very informative. I am interested in the Supply Corps, does anyone have the statistics for that designator? I would love to know. Thank you!


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Great post, very informative. I am interested in the Supply Corps, does anyone have the statistics for that designator? I would love to know. Thank you!
Smaller and competitive designator, ideally 3.5 or greater and business type or tech degree, I have had a person get in with an English degree, of course the 4.0 GPA didn't hurt.


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Just realized I posted my previous post in the wrong sub.

Please let me hear your honest thoughts on my chances of getting picked for Intel OCS. I am also interested in Supply and would put it as my 2nd choice.
  • Will be 26 year old when I apply
  • 3.94 GPA.
  • Double major in Finance and Economics from a regular state's flagship school.
  • OAR : 56
  • Pretty involved in student government. That's about it for my EC in college.
  • Was also captain of my school performing arts team. Won several state-wide competitions.
  • 3 years of work experience in "high-finance" in NY.
  • My current work involves a lot of PowerPoint/Excel work + pitches. I would say I am very skilled in preparing slide decks/excel sheets. I am not sure how much it could help my chances :)
  • Immigrant from Vietnam. Moved to the US since high school.
I plan to submit my package once this Covid situation gets better, since I want to be around for my family in the meantime.
What do you think my odds of getting picked for Intel are, let's say out of 10? My biggest concern is my immigrant background and if that would make it difficult for me to get a security clearance, since I spent half of my life in birth country before moving to the states. What are your thoughts on that?
What do you think I can do to improve my application strength?
Thank you!
Hi, I am currently serving in the Navy (as enlisted) and I have dual citizenship. You are not allowed to hold two passports but you don't have to renounce your 2nd citizenship just yet. From what I was told, it will be hard for you to get a top secret clearance if your parents are not U.S. citiezens BUT it is not impossible. The investigation will take longer. I hope this helped, let me know if you have any other questions.


Hey sorry for the very late reply! I have you found out if you’ve been picked up yet? I base you being picked up off my score. My gpa was 3.00 and urs I over 3.9. My parents score was a 43 and urs is a 56. That’s what I am basing my assumption off of best of luck to you.


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Might as well post my stats here and get an idea of how competitive I am for SNA. I applied on the Nov 02 board that already convened on the 26th of Oct.

Applying for: SNA
ASTB: 6/8/6
Undergrad GPA: 3.52
Education: B.S. in Political Science and Spanish from Florida State. I graduated in 3 years and was able to stay busy during my time in undergrad with plenty of extracurriculars and opportunities I took advantage of. Went on study abroad in Spain, worked the other 2 summers at a law firm, and always took a full course load. I was a pretty mediocre student in high school but was able to adapt pretty well to university life and take full course loads each semester. Got my degree at 21 and trying to get my officer career started as soon as possible now as a 22 year old. To say the least I'm happy to be in this position with the GPA I graduated with.

Work Experience: Lifeguard-City of Miami, Enumerator-U.S. Census Bureau, Law Clerk-Personal injury law firm in Miami, Lifeguard-YMCA

Extracurriculars: Chair of student conduct board at FSU, FSU Rowing team, Dorm hall president, Athletics coordinator of FSU Mock trial, and student volunteer/drone operator for the Emergency Management department.

LOR's: Former supervisor from law firm, Professor from FSU, and my conduct board advisor. I only got LOR's from people I knew would have only good things to say about me and whom I've built a relationship over years of working or studying under them. I don't care for having LOR's from people with big fancy titles, I just tried to get letters from those who I built valuable relationships with.

Personal statement: Wrote about my deep and ever lasting love for all things aviation and dreams of being a navy officer..... the usual stuff. Wrote about some personal stories from my brother who was a combat medic in Afghanistan and how the stories he told about army and naval aviators always made me want to be one when I was growing up.

Medical: Passed all of MEPS but failed the depth perception exam. Disqualified from 1390 SNA due to this but retook the depth perception exam with an Air Force optometrist and NAMI accepted his findings and requalified me for SNA. I'm aware that just because I was requalified doesn't mean it wont come back up in the future. Optometrist was pretty clear with me and told me that I could very well still fail a depth perception exam or have problems in the future but he didn't find any problem with my depth perception and I scored a full 120 arc seconds on multiple different exams. I also have minor astigmatism but thankfully that is not disqualifying and its only in 1 eye. But for now I will worry about getting the ProRec-Y and keeping myself busy.

Legal: Completely clean record, not even a single speeding ticket.

Just trying to take the waiting game one sleep at a time, but man is it hard to take your mind off the thought of possibly starting your dream career in the coming months. Also spending a lot of time playing around in the F-5E in DCS world or just GA in Microsoft flight simulator. I'm hoping that I'm at least competitive with my scores and GPA that it makes up for my relative lack of life experience. Fingers crossed!


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Just a general question, and I’m hoping that someone from this forum can give me the answer I’m looking for. So, I recently completed my package on Oct 26th and it’s at HQ pending review and signature. Just wondering how long this typically takes, because I have to get a wavier before the December 1st deadline and I can’t get one until my package has been reviewed and signed. Just worried I won’t be able to make this bored. This has been a long process to get me here because I’ve had to wait months to take the ASTB after getting rescheduled three time because of COVID and a hurricane.