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What are you reading?


Livin' On the Right Side of the River From Pags!
I picked this set at a yard sale. They are my COVID read for the next few weeks. I am on the Atlantic War now. The set was published in 1946 and is sort of a fast history/PAO write up of the war. According to the title page it was published in accordance with the War Time Publishing Act. There are some great stories embedded throughout like the fact that the Navy recovered two L4 aircraft (Piper Cubs) from the off Utah Beach were they sank with an LST. The army was desperate for them and they were brought up, repaired by some Seabees, and flown right off the beach! Another Indication of the level of planning was the creation of the LCK...Landing Craft Kitchen...where lost craft and LCVPs could get a meal as they searched for their mother ship. All in all a great read.



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Working my way through this:

If you like WWI history and you're interested in the German side of the story, this one is of very high, scholarly quality. The problem with trying to find good material about Germany is a lot of published stuff is either rehashed or you run into a lot of impertinent neonazi shit that you have to sift through (this is especially true for the online stuff). This book gets into the personalities of a lot of the senior German officers. What makes it interesting is learning about how they didn't always get along with each other, specifically who and when at different points in the war. There's also a lot of pretty good technical discussion (tactics, logistics, etc.).
I’ll add this into the deployment stack.

Along the WWI that might interest you is African Kaiser: Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and the Great War in Africa 1914-18.