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What are you reading?


Land of the rising sun. Literally. There's no DST!
^^ dang, I might need reading glasses...

Blurry much? :rolleyes:


Right rudder, right rudder. MORE right rudder!
I just finished When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

He is finishing up his residency at Stanford as neurosurgeon when he gets diagnosed with lung cancer. His writing style with multiple references to classical literature while he dissects what is important in life was pretty damn good. At times, I stopped and thought, damn that is some good writing right there.

Amazon link below but I found it through the local library in the Libby App.


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In addition to my light graduate reading (Educational Psych, anyone?), I read Alone At Dawn, CCT: the Eye of the Storm (a childhood friend of mine who is a CCT insisted I read the former, then I picked up the latter), Thank You For Your Service (for the laughs), and Red Platoon over the summer. I'm currently switching things up with some fiction, and reading The Kite Runner. I also have all of the, The Things Our Fathers Saw series queued up for my next reads.