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T-44 For The P-8?


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Interesting that there are two sets of power control levers (or whatever the nomenclature is for them). Do they move together?


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On another note, who the hell gets this upgrade?
Probably NOAA or Customs.

And master, not hating but the P-3 was designed in the late 50s. Even the oldest 60b's are decades younger than that. The electra was designed in the days when something as simple as getting from point a to point b required 2 pilots and a flight engineer to keep the feces separate from the room circulation device. The P-3 isn't getting any younger, and they haven't really updated the nuts and bolts of what makes the plane fly.

And XJ, good to see in all that glass they still kept the most useless gauge of all...the autotrimdohickey I'm not even sure I know how to read. I'm sure Websan is preparing remediation for me...luckily he's at a det site I can't go to.


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Remember, I've done ASW. More than AEW.

Still not seeing it. Remember, the E-2 is as old as the P-3.

Just a community difference I guess.
I suspect a big part is that P-3 ASW is a bit more labor intensive, just by virtue of being bigger, faster, no hovering, constant maneuvering in a longitudinally-unstable aircraft that never has a working autopilot. Add to that the need to be constantly QA-ing the tactics of the window-licking TACCO in the back (without the benefit of a sensor-repeater scope), and you quickly get in a place where you're happy to hand stuff off to someone else.

But really, it's that the cockpit is physically too large to be a two-person job (P-3 cockpit is wider across than a 747 cockpit). Even with gorilla arms, you can't reach or read everything from the pilot seats. The plane was actually designed before the invention of ergonomics.


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You are aware that 60Bs don't hover for ASW right? And the left seat pilot is the ATO, who is doing a good chunk of the tracking (without getting into TTPs, the ATO is pretty heads-down during ASW).

The Ergo reasons I can buy. The rest? Meh.