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SWO Board 12APR21


Well-Known Member
Intel and swo intel
I had pretty much the same choices except I had SWO as 2nd choice (Intel 1st and SWO-Intel as 3rd) because I heard somewhere in here that designators don't usually look at third choices. I believe that, especially during times likes this where there are so many people applying and fewer selections are made, that is an easy way to put packages to the side and only look at people with 1st or 2nd choice first.
Does anyone know how long it could be if selected to class up for OCS? Difficult to plan around hypotheticals, but choices need to be made on renewing leases, work and the like. Thanks!
Choice 1: SWO
Choice 2: Intel
OAR: 56
GPA: 3.80
Major: Economics
Age: 22


New Member
Here's my stats, good luck to everyone!

Intel(#1) SWO (#2)
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Education: B.A. in International Business (3 calculus courses), J.D. (Law Degree)
GPA: 3.55
OAR: 58
Waivers: None