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are the SDB's too thick for the magnetic backing ribbons? I know on the enlisted side the wool jumper doesn't work too well with them.


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What do SNAs do instead of OHARP whilst they wait for a flight school place? Anyone know how long the current wait is?
Its an ever-revolving door of new ideas to keep the ENS looking busy.
Recently, they've had stash jobs, SNAJOC, NKOs, TDY to squadrons, watches etc....
Last I heard its graduate school courses....? someone closer to A pool can hopefully chime in on this.

It will probably be a different concoction by the time you check in.....

*....but there will always be beaches and beer*


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They should just let the new SNA's start using sims if they want to. Idk if they do already but I personally would be there all the time trying to get ahead of the curve for primary.


I'll probably just try to grind a couple flight hours on my own so my first time flying isn't at NIFE

I would recommend that. A simulator is way different than the actual thing. I had played sims growing up thinking my first time flying would be natural…

Not the case. Wind is the biggest difference and situational awareness. I fly in a relatively busy area so the situational awareness part of flying is what surprised me the most.

But also environmental factors, and talking on the radio is a huge learning curve


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there’s a high risk activity paperwork you gotta fill out if you will be flying on your own. But yes I’d recommended flying on a real Cessna over a T6 sim for that phase. People who had as little as 10-12 hrs were way ahead of the curve for the flight phase in NIFE . There are home simulators with a T6 add on, but tbh, after actually flying one, I’d say unless is a simulator set up like the ones you do in actual Primary, is not that useful. My 0.02


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You may want to consider contacting your local flight school to get a discovery flight. Even just a 1-1.5 hour flight is super beneficial
I go to an Aeronautical University so there are plenty of opportunities, I just kinda wait til last minute. I don't want to spend the money on flight hours now before OCS just to wait to start NIFE