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October 2020 CEC Board


Congrats!!! Was there a ship date to OCS on it for years from now? (I’m direct ascension so a ship date is what I’m waiting on most).

I wonder about if all of our FINSELs went out the 22nd or will all go out around the same time regardless of background check status. I know being old I have lived about 1000 places they have to verify.
No ship date. It just said “Upon completion of your studies, you will be ordered to Officer Candidate School.”

Then it mentioned somewhere in my contract that I would attend the next available OCS class 30-60 days after graduation.


New Member
Thank you both, that makes sense!! I forgot to mention that Dwhite1017 received his FINSEL, so I think that makes him the only one so far to have gotten theirs. Hopefully we all get ours soon then. It's at least a good sign that your AO said you should have received yours already. Maybe that means it is coming very soon.